ReVigorate Body


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Revigorate Natural Body Massage Oil helps with the discomfort of sore muscles, muscle strains and sprains.  ReVigorate Body is formerly known as our ReliefMD product.

ReVigorate works great for:

  • Sore Back / Neck

  • Swollen Joints

  • Sore Muscles

  • Muscle Strains

  • Sprains

  • Contusions

  • Bruises

  • Headache

  • Insomnia (also put 5 drops in a saucer beside your bed for aromatic benefits)

  • Sport Workouts (use before and after)

  • Mosquito Bites / Insect Bites / Stings (apply every few minutes for an hour)

  • Itching (apply as needed)

  • Cold Sores (apply every few minutes for an hour)

  • Burns, including sunburns (apply every few minutes for an hour)


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