Tsuga Essential Oil And Your Skin

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The essential oil of the day is called tsuga. It isn't well known in certain circles and that may be because of its peculiar name or simply because there are so many different oils to learn about. This oil has many different positive aspects and qualities, one of which is grounded in emotional balance.

In ancient times, many connected the oil directly to that of the divine and mother earth. It was used in spiritual practices linked to positive and grounding experiences. One of the elements of this oil that is so impressive is how wonderful it is for the skin. Here are all the ways in which tsuga oil can improve your skin.


This oil is naturally hydrating for the skin so if you happen to struggle with dry skin, this may be the perfect oil for you. It helps to moisturize by not only providing the skin with a fine layer of hydration but also by trapping the moisture in the skin so that it won't dry out easily.

This oil is very light so you don't have to worry about it making your face too oily or too greasy. It's the perfect consistency to be used for properly hydrated skin. Add a few drops to your daily moisturizer and use once a day.


A good skin care aid will often prevent the signs of aging. Those laugh lines and sagging skin are not something that anyone wants to look in the mirror and see every morning. The look and feel of youthful skin is important on various levels and as such, anything that can be used to ward off premature signs of aging is incredibly helpful. Tsuga oil itself helps to stimulate new skin cell growth.

One of the reasons that skin begins to look drab and old is because of dead skin cells easily trapped on the surface of the skin. This oil is very powerful when it comes to getting rid of and preventing fine lines and wrinkles. It also has the ability to clear age spots and even out your skin tone.

If you are suffering from uneven skin hues, this is the oil for you. Clear, smooth and adequately moisturized skin is right around the corner when you use this oil.

Always remember to dilute this oil in a carrier oil or even the current skin care products you are already using. You can dilute a bit in popular skin oils like sweet almond, coconut or jojoba oil. A little tsuga oil goes a long way so as long as it's properly diluted. Always test a small bit of the oil on your wrist to ensure you don't have an adverse reaction.

If you are looking for an oil that can give you youthful and beautiful skin, you will want to try out this oil. Tsuga oil is for external use only and should not be ingested. You'll start noticing visible results within a small amount of time, usually about a week or so. You're well on your way to having skin that you can be proud of. 

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