Recovering From Foot Injuries: How To Best Take Care Of The Foundation To Your Body

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Written By Rachelle Wilber / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Foot injuries make it impossible to move and, for some, even walk. Recovering from a foot injury largely depends on the location and the extent of the fracture or the dislocation. The foot needs specific treatment and care to work optimally. Here are ways to recover the best from foot injuries.

Manage the Symptoms

Take the time to visit a foot doctor and ensure you follow their instructions to manage the pain, swelling, and tenderness using ice, compression, elevation. Rest until it starts feeling normal.

If the pain does not significantly go down, try over-the-counter pain relievers for 48 hours. However, if nothing seems to be working, a trip to the hospital may be inevitable as the injury may be more complex than previously thought.

Keep Weight Off

After further assessment of the foot injury, it’s advisable to keep weight off the foot to give it time to heal. It’s possible to use crutches, and even a wheelchair to help you move around. A rigid boot might also provide stability as the bone heals.

Even after recovering, it may be necessary to be careful with your movements for a few months or years, depending on your age.


After a rather bad foot injury that needs surgery, your doctor may advise you to start moving slowly. Avoid any sudden or significant movements as they may aggravate the issue further. Make small movements by following instructions given and try not to go overboard and stop immediately if you start experiencing sharp pains.

Ensure you pinpoint everything you’re concerned about to your doctor as a bone might have slipped out of the socket.


The next step is engaging in physiotherapy to help exercise the foot. Start with therapeutic exercises that primarily include stretching until the fractured bones become stable. It applies to injuries that require surgery.

Simple fracture exercises are mostly modified to allow exercising at home to help you gain flawless foot movement. Note that some routines might be painful when you start trying them out. Talk to your doctor for modifications and pain management if the pain seems unbearable.


Unfortunately, at times the foundation of the body might not heal itself as expected, and you might suffer some complications. Go to the hospital when you start having a fever or your foot changes color to purple or greyish. Any tingling, numbness, and swelling is a good enough reason to call the doctor.

After healing your foot, take steps to stop future injuries from occurring. Switch to a low-intensity sport to avoid injuring the same foot for a few years. However, strive to build muscles while strengthening the body.

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