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One of the best things about essential oils is how effective they can be in many different ways. The amount of possible usages that some essential oils have is downright astounding. This is especially true for those oils that aren't very well known.

There are several oils that you may not have ever heard of that may provide you with necessary relief from a problem you've been battling for quite some time. The flowering plant spikenard is a part of the Valerian family and relatively underused in terms of essential oils. Here are all of the ways that spikenard oil is beneficial.

Promotes Relaxation

Much like Valerian itself, spikenard is great at soothing and relaxing the senses. It can be used as a sedative and a calming agent. If you are prone to difficult moods that make it hard for you to relax and unwind, this is a perfect oil for you. It is a natural coolant which means that it has properties that also help to mitigate aggression and anger. It can help to calm restlessness and depression and is a perfect aid for those who readily deal with stress.

Stimulates The Immune System

If your immune system is not working properly, it's probably a good bet that you are having certain health issues. If your immune system is compromised, you'll undoubtedly start to experience health problems. Spikenard is hypotensive so it helps to naturally and safely lower blood pressure.

High blood pressure causes unnecessary strain on the heart and thus can negatively impact your health. The oil also acts as an antioxidant and fights harmful free radicals that can lower your immunity.

Promotes Hair Growth

That's right! Are you trying to grow your hair longer? Are you attempting to ward of hair thinning for as long as humanly possible? Well, this is just the oil that you need to start incorporating into your hair care regimen. Spikenard stimulates hair growth and increases hair growing activity.

You can start by massaging the oil into your scalp, or you can add a couple of drops into your regularly used shampoo. Within weeks you'll notice how your hair starts to appear thicker and grows longer.

Relieves Constipation

Everyone goes through issues with their digestive system at least every once in awhile. Whether you eat too much dinner one day or you've been eating poorly for awhile, dealing with poor digestion can be a real pain. Bloating, cramps, gas and discomfort are some of the common symptoms of poor digestion. A couple of drops of this oil, rubbed on the belly will help your digestive system start to operate the way that it should.

Protects Wounds

The reason that cleaning your wounds is so incredibly important is because bacteria and fungus can infiltrate even the tiniest scrape very easily. Spikenard helps to kill those pesky threats upon contact. Not only does it protect the open wound, but it also helps to promote its quick healing. Just a few drops will do the trick.

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