Oily Skin And Ways To Minimize It

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Our complexion is incredibly important, and many people take great care to cultivate a skin that is clear, soft and smooth. With so many different factors that can potentially impede a flawless face, it's sometimes maddening to figure out what to use to remedy certain issues you may struggle with.

The root of many skin issues, and the ways in which to choose proper skincare, is often based on the type of skin you have. Oily, normal, or dry; there are also often combinations of these types. Those who suffer from oily skin have a unique challenge because looking like an oil slick or grease ball is very noticeable.

Also, sufferers that deal with this skin type are more susceptible to enlarged pores and acne, which can be painful and embarrassing. 

There are ways to combat and lessen the appearance of oily skin. More importantly, these methods are gentle and safe to use on skin that is sensitive. The first thing that is crucial in treating and lessening the appearance of oil on the skin is the cleanliness of the skin.

Washing your face twice daily is suggested. Using soap with benzoyl peroxide or triclosan is recommended. Always use hot water when washing the face. Oil is dissolved more successfully this way than with cool or lukewarm water. It's also imperative that you be mindful of how often you exfoliate, as too much exfoliating can cause even more oil production. 

Toner And Clay Masks 

Using toner on clean skin is a step that many people skip, but for those who suffer from oily skin, this could be the difference between a dry finish and looking like you're drenched in sweat. Natural witch hazel is a great inexpensive option for a toner.

It contains tannins which act as an astringent, both tightening pores and drying skin. Only use this toner for about 3 or 4 weeks or until you see a significant difference in your skins oil production. After this, opt for toners that have herbs like peppermint, sage or yarrow. 

Another good practice to lessen oil production is to use clay masks weekly. Clay has naturally drying properties that will help with the excess of oil. Bentonite clay is the preferred type of clay to use. Don't leave the mask on for longer than 15 or 20 minutes. While you want to lessen the appearance of oil on your skin, you don't want to completely dry your face out and then have to deal with dry, patchy skin. 

For all the makeup wearers who find that their foundation or concealer only makes their oil production worse, try milk of magnesia as a primer. It may sound strange and totally random but the magnesium hydroxide in the substance helps keep oil at bay. You will enjoy a nice matte finish if you use just a few dots of this liquid underneath your makeup. Youll be amazed at how effective it is. 

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