The Many Benefits Of Valerian Essential Oil

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Valerian is a plant that has flowering mechanisms and will sprout heads of pink and white flowers when it is fully bloomed. These flowers were used to provide fragrance to perfume many centuries ago. The plant is native to Europe and certain parts of Asia as well. In recent years it has been introduced to North America.

Many people are aware of valerian root as a sleep aid. While it is incredibly effective in this context, it also has many other uses - especially in oil form - that many people are unaware of. Here are some of the ways that valerian can be most useful.


For those who deal with worry and panic, day to day life can seem almost outside of the realm of manageable. Anxiety has the tendency to make a person feel completely helpless and out of control. Valerian has the ability to calm down the nervous system that often is affected by anxiety symptoms.

Valerian can be used to minimize the chemicals and negative energy that is produced when someone is in a state of anxiousness. It can mitigate the stress hormones and better provide internal peace to the body; this will cause nerve cells to calm down and allow the body to rest. Simply inhaling the scent of the root is powerful in this way.

Skin Health

This is one of the most underrated oils out there for skin health. Not only can it help substantially with preventing the onset of wrinkles and signs of aging, like sagging skin and dryness, but it can also be used on a myriad of other skin conditions.

If you suffer from acne or eczema, even if you suffer from excessive scarring because of these skin conditions, valerian oil can help you tremendously. It's also known to positively affect open sores, cuts and burns. Put a few drops in your favorite carrier oil and watch how it can change your skin for the better.

Pain Reliever

If you have a pain condition or simply suffer from the standard aches and pains that come with being active, you'll want to keep this oil on hand as it's incredibly effective at relieving pain. Due to its naturally restorative and relaxing properties, it has been used to relieve painful menstruation cramps women often experience.

Massaging the oil, mixed with another oil like coconut or jojoba, into the lower stomach will help to alleviate that pain.

Due to the antispasmodic properties of the oil, it's also great to use on muscular spasms. If you are an athlete or someone who is very active, you've likely suffered from muscle spasms. They can be incredibly painful and hard to deal with.

Adding a couple of drops of valerian root oil to your bath will help to rid you of that tightness and pain. You can also rub the same oil mixture directly onto the muscle that is giving you trouble and it will bring you some relief.

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