How To Treat Milia Under Your Eyes

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Milia are most often found on children and babies, but that doesn’t mean these little bumps under the eye won’t form on an adult. There are very few cases each year and usually it is diagnosed easily upon sight. Milia are generally caused by keratin getting trapped under the skin for various reasons and can be waited out or treated at home. They are formed under the eyes, across the nose, and can occur on both cheeks and chin. In some cases a rash may also appear.

Common Causes

Some common causes of this include rash, some burns, extended use of some creams, dermabrasion, and other issues that cause trauma to the skin. Milia can also be created by dead skin cells building up underneath the skin of the face and eyes. There are instances of babies who are born with it, and they generally outgrow it. For most adults it will go down then disappear on its own, especially when the underlying cause has been determined and either corrects itself or is corrected.

Home Treatments

Home treatments are very simple and can be done by anyone. Start by exfoliating the skin gently. You can do this with an exfoliating mitt or cloth, or with a gently exfoliating cleanser. These can have small, plastic beads or a grainy ingredient that does the exfoliating. This will help to open the pores, release the build-up and clean it away. Steaming, as you would for a regular facial, will also help to open pores and clean out the build of skin cells, keratin, or damaged cells, and that will allow the spots to clear up. Refrain from using heavy makeups, including concealer and foundation, because they can add to the build-up and clog pores even more. While it may seem natural to try and cover them, it actually makes them appear worse then they are.

Visit Your Dermatologist

If steaming and exfoliating with gentle cleansers is not working, it may be time for a visit to your dermatologist. They have a few ways to remove milia that are more invasive, but to different degrees. They may begin with a tool like those used for removing blackheads, and use slight pressure to open the milia and clean out the build-up manually. They may use a chemical peel as a stronger version of exfoliating to remove any dead skin and build-up, though it may be harsher on the healthy skin cells as well. Cryotherapy is another option that dermatologists may use that involves freezing them and proceeding to extract them while frozen. This can affect people differently pain-wise, and might not be the perfect option for some.

Healthy Skin Maintenance

As with most things it is best to try and avoid and prevent this from occurring at all than to try and treat it after it occurs. Keeping skin clean and maintaining healthy skin can help avoid the occurrence of milia. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize twice a day every day, and exfoliate or use a clay or charcoal mask once or twice a week to help keep pores clean. Regular facials or steaming at home can be helpful to avoiding milia as well, along with choosing light makeups that won’t cause extra build-up.

Milia may look uncomfortable but should not be a cause of pain on its own. As it can often be easily treated at home or may go away on its own, it isn’t cause for extreme worry, but may result in a trip to your dermatologist to clear it up. Care for your skin daily to help avoid creation of milia and you may never need to worry about getting it.

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