Fenugreek Oil Benefits

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Extracted from the popular seed fenugreek, the oil derived from the seed has a ton of positive healing properties. Although this oil isn't necessarily incredibly popular, it has many varying benefits that people will find helpful. There are properties within this oil - its rich protein components as well as it phosphorus elements within the seed - that provide tremendous aid.

Found predominately in North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean regions, the seed has deep history for being used in ancient medicine. Here are some of the most impressive ways that it can help.


Because of its powerful abilities, fenugreek oil is great for the treatment of acne. It can be so frustrating to try and find something that helps both mitigate and treat blemishes. The great thing about this oil is that it helps to lower the swelling and redness substantially.

This can sometimes be the toughest thing to deal with because the discoloration and swelling make the blemishes look even more obvious and pronounced. It can also be a great way to reduce blackheads, which are the accumulation of dirt and oil that get locked into the pores and cause tiny black dots on the face.

Irritated Skin

Another great benefit for those who notice that their skin tends to act up, fenugreek oil is a fantastic oil for the ecological stresses that affect the skin. So if the change in weather makes your skin act up or become incredibly dry, this is the perfect oil for you to add to your arsenal.

It's also a good aid for skin that is broken out from an allergic reaction. If you happen to get hives or an insect bite, a few drops of fenugreek oil will certainly do the trick. You'll be able to stop the itching and irritation at once.


Some find it increasingly difficult to relax or de-stress. With the constant pace of our lives, it can be hectic, which can make it difficult to relax and decompress when we need to. This oil is a great aid for that. Just add a couple of drops into a vaporizer or diffuser and allow it to fill the room. The aroma will naturally provide a relaxing effect on the nervous system which will allow you to calm down much easier.


While taking care of your hair is very important, taking care of your scalp may be even more so. This is because the health of the scalp is directly connected to how the hair will grow. Dandruff is a very common issue that so many suffer from. When the scalp produces too much yeast an itchy, dry situation can often occur.

This is something that can be obvious and hard to deal with. Just a few drops of fenugreek oil, mixed with a couple of drops of tea tree oil is the perfect anecdote for your troublesome scalp. Use this on your scalp every other day and you'll start noticing less and less dandruff on your scalp, in your hair and on your shirt.

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