Diet Choices That Make A Difference With Acne

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Written By Paisley Hansen / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Most people know what it’s like to experience acne. Not only can it be embarrassing, but breakouts can be painful. While a lot of people experience acne, it is still a skin condition that most want to avoid. If you are struggling with your acne, no doubt you have probably tried a lot of different products.

Now, some people do not need different acne products or medications to clear up a breakout. While some of these medications can be helpful, there are other ways that you can try to prevent an acne flare-up. These preventative methods have everything to do with how you eat.

Acne Factors

Acne affects around 50 million people every year in the United States. As one of the most common skin conditions, it’s no surprise that people are often searching for a way to prevent it or a reason why they are affected by it.

When it comes to acne, there is not one solitary factor. Every person may experience acne differently. Acne occurs because cells block the openings of oil glands and lead to a build-up of oil. Everyone has bacteria in their skin and the oil multiplies the bacteria and causes tissues to become inflamed. Since this is so close to the surface, it results in a pimple.

There are several different factors that can create an acne problem. These factors may include hereditary, hormones, dirt and cosmetics. One of the main culprits behind acne, however, is diet. What is interesting when it comes to food is that there are a lot of misconceptions about what types of foods you should eat and which ones you should avoid when you have trouble with acne. Many people say to avoid greasy foods and other junk food. The truth is that greasy foods, fried foods and chocolate do not necessarily make acne worse. However, there are some foods that can trigger acne.

Foods To Avoid

If you want to combat acne, there are some foods that you should avoid eating. When you make dietary changes, it can absolutely change the health of your skin. If you are someone who is prone to acne or if you have the occasional breakout, there are a few ways that you can help prevent acne.

You want to avoid high glycemic foods, especially dairy products. You may also want to avoid breads, sweetened cereal, pasta and certain snack foods like popcorn or pretzels. It is important to remember that a healthy diet should normally include moderation of most of these foods.

Foods To Eat

When it comes to combating acne, there are a few diet changes that you may want to consider. Some research does show that diets that are rich in omega-3s tend to reduce inflammation. This may reduce your acne symptoms. This includes eating fish, eggs, spinach, soybeans, navy beans, grass-fed beef and different types of nuts.

Also, you may be able to eat foods that are higher in antioxidants as a way to reduce your acne. Often, a healthy diet can help to change how you feel and this includes improvements to your skin. In addition to healthy eating, you should also consider supplements. Before you choose supplements, however, it is best to do your research. Look for reviews on any supplement you choose, for instance if you’re interested in le-vel thrive, take a look at the le-vel thrive reviews in advance.

When you pay attention to the type of foods that you eat, you are more likely to have a healthy diet. If you are tired of acne breakouts, it does not necessarily mean that you don’t have the right acne treatment. You may need to make some changes to your diet to see a real improvement when it comes to your acne. While oily and greasy foods do not cause an increase in acne, you should avoid dairy and other high glycemic index foods.

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