Crambe Oil Facts: What It Helps

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Written By Serene Hitchcock / Reviewed By Ray Spotts  

Also known as crambe abyssinica, this oil has been receiving some acclaim and appreciated traction in recent years. It is derived from a plant that is typically found in the Mediterranean. The yellowish golden hue of the oil is both calming in sight and texture.

The oil itself contains many types of acids and fats that provide amazing properties that can be positively impactful in many different ways. Introduced to the United States in the 1940s, it can now be found growing in parts of North Dakota and other northern central states.

The plant is considered to be related to the mustard plant in some way. This makes sense as the unadulterated seed looks identical to a mustard seed. Here's what makes this oil so special.

Softens Hair

If you are the type of person who readily struggles with the state of your hair, you aren't alone. If you feel like you have more bad hair days than good, you'd be surprised how many people feel just as dissatisfied with the state of their hair.

Whether your hair is frizzy, brittle, unruly or any combination of these things, crambe oil can help properly tame it. The fatty acids and other properties within the oil help to soften the hair and make it more manageable. If you find that your hair is stubborn and doesn't do what you would like, it's likely lacking specific nutrients and vitamins that will help tame it.

Provides Skin Hydration

Your skin needs moisture, and more often than not, it needs more than you realize. The majority of our bodies are made up of water, which means when we don't replenish that water or provide moisture in other ways, the skin begins to suffer for it. Crambe oil is a great oil to incorporate into your skin care regimen for a number of reasons.

One is that it provides great moisture to the skin yet it is easily penetrable - so you don't have to worry about it accumulating on the skin and leaving you looking greasy or slimy. A little goes a long way as a drop or two will provide you with the needed moisture your skin craves.

Acne Fighter

Many people don't understand how incorporating oils into their skincare routine can possibly be a good idea. They struggle with their face getting oily on its own accord and know how deeply tied oil can be to breaking out. What they may not understand is that the oil the skin naturally produces isn't the same type as an oil like crambe.

In fact, the overproduction of sebum oil can actually be combated by proper hydration. This is how crambe can thwart blemishes. For many who deal with acne, the oil that their skin is prone to helps bring it about. When that oil is dealt with, acne breakouts and some scarring will diminish. A great oil to add to your skin care routine, crambe oil is highly effective.

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Serene Hitchcock is a professional freelance writer, blogger and social media strategist from San Diego, California. She has been writing for several years in many forms and facets and is interested in arts, health, self-improvement, current events and the world we live in.

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