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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Cocoa butter from the cocoa plant has been used for hundreds of years and is widely believed to offer moisturizing benefits for the skin. There are many ways to receive the benefits that range from consuming it to creating an oil or cream applied to the skin.

While there are proven benefits to be found in the cocoa bean and cocoa powder, studies haven’t been as definitive about benefits from cocoa butter.

Antioxidants in cocoa butter

The cocoa plant is a source of several antioxidants that can help with skin elasticity and repair. These antioxidants can be consumed along with the cocoa powder or applied to the skin or hair.

While research on the effects of cocoa butter aren’t certain, consuming the cocoa beans or the cocoa powder has been shown to increase antioxidants in the body.

Moisturizers from cocoa butter

The most popular use of cocoa butter for skin is in moisturizers. It can also be found in many other skincare products, but moisturizer remains the most popular.

There is a high level of fat content in cocoa butter that is used to create a barrier that protects the skin form outside elements. That barrier not only keeps a protective layer on top of the skin to keep the environment out, but also keeps the moisture in.

When the air around the skin pulls moisture from the skin it dries out, and by having a barrier over the skin the moisture can’t be pulled out. Skin stays hydrated longer and the hydration levels remain higher then with other types of products.

For these reasons cocoa butter has often been used for dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis. Due to the high fat content this can create clogged pores so is not recommended for oily skin.

Cocoa powder uses

Making cocoa butter begins with harvesting the cocoa beans from the plant. These beans are processed through fermentation, dried, roasted, and then pressed.

That pressed batch of cocoa beans is cocoa butter, and the remaining portions are used to create a cocoa powder. The powder is used for many products as well, while the butter portion is used mostly for skin and hair care. After processing, the butter is not safe for consumption but the powder is.

Cocoa plants and the beans that grow on them have many uses, and some of the products created are used for skin and hair care. These are said to add antioxidants, moisturize, keep skin more elastic, hydrated, even skin tone, and keep skin healthy.

As cocoa butter creates a protective barrier over the skin after application it can help skin to retain moisture and protect it from pollutants in the environment.

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