Cleansing Bars – What They Are And What They Do

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

When choosing a cleanser, especially for the face, there are many options and a cleansing bar is a great choice. These bars are affordable, available for any skin type, and will last a long time with proper use and care.

Not only can you find a cleansing bar for the face, and for the body, but also some who do both. Some may even be used on the hair for an all-over gentle clean. A cleansing bar will offer a clean without the harshness of a soap.

Cleansing Bar Ingredients

In general a cleansing bar is a skincare regime made into a bar. Ingredients range from simple and few ingredients to specialty formulas for specific skin care needs.

The wide range of cleansing bars means everyone can find one to fit their needs, with some for exfoliating, some for just cleansing, and some for moisturizing. An exfoliating cleansing bar will include a coarse ingredient to create an exfoliating action to gently remove the dead skin and any build-up from the skin.

For those with dry skin, a bar with extra moisturizing ingredients and very gentle base will be the right fit. With ingredients like oatmeal, shea butter, bamboo, and honey, these bars are very versatile and have a lower risk of reactions or allergies.

Some may be organic while others will not. They may have essential oils to add fragrance or they can remain fragrance free. The versatility of all forms make them suitable for many skin types and ages.

The form of the bar will help the cleanser last longer when cared for well. After each use the bar should be allowed to dry completely, which may require a holder with room for drainage, such as ridges or bars. This will keep the bar from melting or becoming mushy and falling apart, while discouraging the growth of bacteria that grows best on wet surfaces.

Cleansing Bar Rinsing

When rinsing the skin these products will often rinse easier and faster then other cleansers, and are easily applied with your hands, and doing the final rinse with your hands as well can assist in removing any residue.

Simply rub the bar in your hands for a gently application and to reduce wear on the bar itself, making it last longer, and apply to the skin, then rinse with a gentle face cloth or by splashing water over the skin.

Cleansing bars are much like a bar of soap but with gentle ingredients that will not leave a residue and can be customized for all skin types and needs. They can last longer then other cleansers while meeting all skin care needs from acne to dry skin or aging.

With the wide range available there is a cleansing bar to meet the skincare needs of anyone, and to fit any budget.

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