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Eczema is a skin condition that results in inflamed, itchy and discolored patches of skin. Depending on the severity of the breakout, eczema can be a mild nuisance to a full-fledged painful condition that prevents certain activities. There are many studies and claims that the severity of eczema is due to poor diet and autoimmunity. Those who suffer from this type of dermatitis are urged to really examine their diet and research ways to strengthen their immune system. Eczema can be treated both internally and externally. Here are some topical treatment methods.

Coconut Oil

Easily one of the most widely used oils for skin ailments, this oil is simple and effective. The way that it helps treat eczema is through the intercellular space that often takes place around breakouts. The oil can easily seep through and provide the necessary moisture and healing properties that help to combat the appearance of eczema.

Jojoba Oil

One of the worst parts of suffering from eczema is that the skin gets incredibly dry and irritated. In order to properly soothe the itchy, inflamed skin, it needs to be treated with something that has restorative and healing properties. The fatty acids present in jojoba oil do the job wonderfully of provided the skin with hydration that heals.


Many people who suffer from eczema find that using oats can help when flare-ups get really bad. Soaking in a tub full of oats is known to have positive effects for those who are dealing with eczema. Oats have naturally occurring anti-inflammatory properties that can help with the swelling, irritation and itchiness that is also associated with the skin condition. Adding a cup of uncooked oats to your bath water will ultimately make a huge difference in your ability to manage your symptoms.

Chamomile Tea

There are many different teas that are incredibly good for your health, but typically people drink tea at a greater rate than they use it externally. However, chamomile tea is very soothing for skin. It can reduce itchiness and often heals spots that are further exacerbated by excessive itching. A-bisabolol is found in chamomile tea and has natural anti-microbial effects that help to eliminate germs that may further perpetuate the skin issue. Dabbing a bit of the cooled tea on your eczema will provide great relief.

Raw Honey

Honey is a great aid for many skin conditions because of all its naturally anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. You do have to be careful about using it though because it's incredibly sticky. Use only a little bit at a time and use thin layers. It's best to use it before taking a shower so you can thoroughly wash it off. Use organic raw honey and apply a thin layer on the eczema. Don't cover or touch it for 30 minutes. Wash it off in the shower and pat dry. Doing this once or twice a day for a week will greatly improve the look of your skin. 

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