Kick These Bad Habits And Break The Mold

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Nail biting 

Nearly 30% of young adults bite their nails, and there are reasons beyond ugly hands for breaking this bad habit. Biting your nails can interfere with normal nail growth and damage your tooth enamel. Not only that, but there are plenty of harmful bacteria that live underneath your fingernails, which you certainly don't want to bite into. Keep your nails trimmed short and there will be less to chew on, and less space for bacteria to live as well. If that doesn't work, the same products used to stop thumb sucking in children will make your finger nails taste just as terrible.

Losing sleep
Your body depends on sleep not only to recharge energy, but to recharge your immune system. Hormone levels, appetite, and mood are also affected by the amount of sleep you get. Needless to say, there are serious consequences to sleep deprivation, not to mention the effects it can have on your appearance (wrinkles, dark circles, etc.). Treat your sleep like a serious diet to make sure you get enough of it. Keep track of things like caffeine intake and time spent in front of a TV or computer monitor to find out what might be causing your lack of sleep.

Fear of Flossing
Most dentists will tell you that a majority of their patients don't floss regularly. They'll also tell you that gum disease is the most preventable disease there is when you practice good oral hygiene, including flossing. Know what else they'll tell you? That more and more research points to the link between gum disease and more serious concerns like heart disease, stroke, and cancer. See where this is going?

Midnight snacking
The idea of late night eating isn't so bad itself, its the fact that you're probably not eating the healthiest snacks by the light of the fridge. Combine this with the fact that stomach acids have much easier access to the esophagus when you lay down while you're still digesting that slice of cold pizza. Try to go to bed earlier and limit the time between dinner and when you might snack, or snack earlier and healthier.

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