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Ensuring the health of your mouth is incredibly vital for a number of reasons. While the standard advice regarding brushing and flossing is absolutely crucial, there are other lesser known ways to help protect the teeth from decay. Common practices like rinsing your mouth and brushing your teeth are essential and will definitely go far in protecting the mouth from cavities. Below are some lesser known recommendations that will also protect your teeth and ward of the likelihood of cavities. 

One of the ways to prevent cavities is to consume certain foods that protect and strengthen the teeth. One of these foods is cheese. Researchers have found that the calcium levels in the mouth elevate after consuming cheese. We sometimes forget that our teeth are essentially bones, and when we fortify our bones or teeth they become stronger and less likely to be affected negatively by extraneous factors. Due to the increased calcium eating cheese can produce, teeth then become stronger. This also aids in the remineralizing of teeth and helps prevent cavities.

Chewing gum is also a great way to proactively diminish the likelihood of a cavity occurring. But not just any chewing gum will do. Opt for sugar free gum with the natural sugar substitute xylitol, which is known to be a cavity fighter. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that is not artificially altered in any way. It naturally helps to prevent the decaying of teeth from occurring. Xylitol does this by preventing the bacteria that builds from plaque and extraneous food that sometimes gets stuck in the saliva from building and causing the erosion and decay of the teeth later on. Make sure to get gum with xylitol listed first in the ingredients, as it's the most beneficial and the highest concentrated form.

The next tip is for the legally aged crowd. Drinking wine is one of the most relaxing ways to protect your teeth and fight against cavities. There have been numerous studies that show there are certain properties in wine that do actually prevent unnecessary bacteria from growing and decaying away at teeth. The protective property prevents harmful bacteria that can often thrive off of other substances like candy and sugar, and reverses the likelihood of tooth decay. So the next time you want to skip that second glass of wine, think twice. It's okay to indulge for the sake of your teeth.

By now, you've likely become aware of the negative effects that sugary drinks have on your teeth and overall mouth health. It's true, the sugars and acidity in juice and sodas are terrible for the teeth. If you can't seem to shake your sugary habit and must indulge in these empty calories, then the best way to partake is by using a straw. When you use a straw, you are helping to minimize the amount of exposure your teeth have with the liquid. It's best to only drink these types of drinks on occasion. Heavy consumption of soda or juice is damaging not just to teeth. 

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