Future Kitchens Revisited: 10 More Cool Things They Will Do

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In December of 2014 we brought to you a look at what kitchens in the future as well as new tools for those future kitchens would look like. One of the predictions was that cooks will have much more personalized control over their appliances by 2050 and they will be able to connect their ovens to Smartphones or tablets and program the ovens to prepare food the way they like it. 

A few of the items that foodies with a passion for cooking at home will have at their fingertips included a slow cooker with smart technology; a computer to learn and invent new recipes; a single-serve coffee maker that reads five different cup lid parameters; a Bluetooth grilling thermometer to monitor up to four temperatures simultaneously; a food scanner with light-based spectroscopy to determine calories, macronutrients and limited ingredients in food; cookery pans to efficiently channel heat for uniform heat distribution and faster cooking times; special forks that dispense liquid aromas; and an at-home beverage system for freshly made cold beverages.

The next generation of cooks will enter a world of interconnected smart appliances, 3-D printers and touch-screen controls to simplify food preparation, create customized meal solutions and produce less waste. Heres 10 more cool features they can look forward to in the kitchens of the future, according to Food Technology magazine.

A fridge will use ultraviolet light to sterilize food within it, keeping it safe from spoilage. A blast chiller instantly takes leftovers out of the danger zone where bacteria thrive.

Appliances will be wired to actively monitor their contents and reorder when it senses supplies are running low. Products that are near their expiration dates would be moved closer to the front.

Video monitoring will help consumers see exactly what they have. Systems that are linked to ovens and stoves will create recipes that use the meal preparation ingredients that are expiring.

Each family member can print the dinner they want when they want using a countertop 3-D printer that takes account likes and dislikes, food allergies and nutritional needs.

Sinks would come equipped with a finger sensor that could read users hydration levels, dispensing water when its needed.

Induction cook tops using magnetic energy and compatible pans will heat up only the pan placed on it; the rest of the surface can be safely used for other tasks.

Integrated systems will read data from fitness-monitoring devices and suggest meals appropriate to certain situations, such as muscle recovery after a strenuous workout.

At the touch of a button, counters, sinks and cooking surfaces can move up or down appealing to the height of people sharing a kitchen as well those with disabilities. Stoves can be moved up so children dont hurt themselves, while the sink can be lowered so they can easily wash their hands.

Virtual chefs will be projected directly into consumers kitchens to guide their cooking.

Integration facial recognition technology will make it so that the kitchen can automatically set itself to a combination of desired settings - from counter height to ambient lighting to background music - as soon as the user is home.

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