How To Deal With Denture Pain

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Unfortunately, sometimes wearing dentures is not the most comfortable experience. Due to its foreign nature, dentures can often be painful to wear. Not only when you first start wearing a particular pair of dentures, but after you've been wearing them awhile, there's a specific pain that can result. 

The number one reason pain is experienced by denture wearers is because of loose or ill-fitting dentures. There are a number of reasons that this can occur. Things like jawbone changes, which are typical in older individuals, can lead to this discomfort.

Dentures are a very vital solution to the tooth loss that many experience in their old age. Any type of false teeth that can be worn must fit well in order to be worthwhile. When first being fit for dentures, its important to tell your dentist if you are feeling any pain or irritation; if you don't speak up the issue may get worse. Typically the soreness that new denture wearers experience is different than the pain that the mouth or gums feels from ill-fitting dentures. Denture pain can lead to more troublesome issues like trouble speaking and eating, loose dentures and even mouth infections.

Making sure that your dentures adequately fit is one of the most important ways to prevent the experience of denture pain. If your dentures start to hurt or shift, it's crucial to see your dentist right away. If your dentures just aren't fitting right after a couple of tips and adjustments from your dentist, you may be better suited for over-dentures or dental implants. You should also try to be more mindful about how you use your mouth. Try speaking more slowly and taking smaller bites of food. You may also want to stay away from sticky food which has a propensity to move around dentures and false teeth.

Always remove your dentures at night. This gives your jaw and mouth some time to recover and rest. This also gives you ample time to clean your dentures, which is incredibly important. Not cleaning your dentures properly can actually lead to issues of bacteria growth and harmful plaque which can cause pain. Make sure to soak your dentures overnight to rid yourself of this worry. Don't try to clean dentures with toothpaste as many are too abrasive for the soft material of dentures.

Natural Remedies

Natural remedies such as salt, cloves, aloe vera, and black tea are known to help those who are dealing with denture pain and discomfort. Make a salt gargle, and also rub salt along your gums once a day to help alleviate the discomfort you experience. Rubbing your gums with aloe vera and clove leaves is also a great way to help minimize the pain you may be feeling from your dentures. Both have healing and anti-inflammatory properties that will lessen the amount of ache that you experience. The helpful astringent qualities in black tea can aid in the reduction of swelling that often occurs in denture wearers. 

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