Clear Skin Maintenance: What You Can Do Now

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Trying to achieve and maintain a clear complexion is often something that many struggle with throughout their lives. Contrary to what many of us believed back in our youth, acne and skin troubles do often follow us into adulthood. The condition of the skin is of paramount importance because its something that other people notice about us right away. Those who don't have troublesome skin will often get complimented to excess on how radiant or lovely or flawless their skin is. However, plainly speaking, more people deal with skin imperfections than those who don't. For those of us who don't have the best skin, there are a couple of ways to improve its condition. 

Acne is an issue that millions of people deal with; some intermittently and some on a more perpetual basis. There are a couple of incredibly crucial things to keep in mind while on a quest for healthier, clearer, more blemish-free skin. Firstly, most people who suffer from acne have oily, combination and acne-prone skin. Keeping the skin clean is the first step in eliminating acne and blemishes.

Along with a consistent cleansing routine, making sure that skin is accurately moisturized is also imperative. This is sometimes an issue that those with oily skin don't understand. They are under the assumption that oily skin doesn't need moisture. It is actually quite the opposite. Skin that is excessively oily is that way, in fact, because it lacks moisture - not because of an excess of it.

Hormone Imbalance

There are many internal reasons that some suffer from acne. One of which can affect absolutely anyone and that's the imbalance of hormones. A hormone imbalance can often show on the face before its visible elsewhere. Vitamins and minerals can be helpful in the correction of hormone imbalance. Excessive or continual hormone imbalance can also potentially affect mood, weight and fertility as well as making skin look like a spotty, oily mess.

Additionally, medication is something that can affect the composition of the skin and how acne presents itself. One thing about these two causes, and how they affect skin, is that acne can actually present itself in various places other than the face. Body acne is just as prevalent of an issue as face acne.

There are many different natural aids that help those who deal with the perpetual discomfort and shame of having acne. One of those is apple cider vinegar. Though this substance doesn't smell anything less than putrid and atrocious, it is a miracle worker for those who suffer from acne. Not only can it be used as a topical reliever, it can also be ingested and help the occurrence of acne from the inside out. Because the liquid can be pretty strong and tough to take, apple cider vinegar pills are suggested for those who want to take it internally and see its benefits.

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