4 Uses For Orange Peel Oil

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Many folks are privy to the advantages of ascorbic acid - or vitamin C - when fighting colds, flues or viruses. We know that it bolsters our internal system and wards of dangerous germs. However vitamin C, and namely orange peel oil, has numerous uses, positive effects and is incredibly useful to the skin. This makes orange peel oil extremely well-regarded within the natural and holistic community. 

Listed below are the top 4 uses for orange peel oil. Try each of these in your self-care routine, and you'll really be able to tell the difference. It will leave you feeling delighted, refreshed and reinvigorated. This lesser known oil is a real hit once you give it a chance.

Eliminate Under Eye Darkness

Not getting enough sleep is awful for most of us. We've all consulted the mirror one time or another in shock at what a real lack of sleep can do to our eyes. If we don't get adequate rest, it shows on our face. The signs of lack of sleep can appear in many different ways. One of the most common is in the form of dark circles beneath the eyes.

Orange peel oil can be a nice remedy for this widespread issue. It is known to renew skin elasticity, promote skin cell growth and eliminate dead skin. It's also known to brighten and widen the appearance of eyes.

Anti-Age Serum

Because the oil is an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, it's good for skin that's vulnerable to harsh elements and unsavory conditions. This can take form in scarring or premature aging. The healing properties of the oil can make lines, redness and puffiness fade almost before your very eyes. The oil works well to reduce the likelihood of scarring and pigmentation issues.

Orange peel oil is also known to be a real beast with blackheads. This oil is pretty effective on the skin. It promotes inherent blood flow, which is necessary for the anti-aging process. Many over-the-counter products are full of harmful and harsh chemicals, orange peel oil is 100% natural.

Extinguish Dry Lips

Once the weather changes, most of us begin to struggle with dry and cracking lips. This can be irritating and unsightly. Orange peel oil has moisturizing properties that may facilitate the correction of this common irritation. Using the oil directly on the lips, without some type of bonding agent, is generally ill advised. Instead, attempting to combine several drops of the oil with mango butter will make a great lip balm. Not only will it help to restore and heal the damage of your lips, it will also smell heavenly!


One of the best things about orange peel oil is that it's so versatile. It can be used for and incorporated into many different things. Adding it into ingredients like sugar, honey or oatmeal will yield a great face mask that will soften and nourish skin. A couple of drops of the oil with these different natural elements will turn your skin supple and youthful. Orange peel oil can also be used to create a natural brightening toner. Just put a few drops in some witch hazel. This type of toner is recommended for those who have oily or acne prone skin. For skin that is naturally predisposed to issues, whether it be dryness or lines, orange peel oil is a great oil to have in your arsenal.

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