4 Apricot Kernel Oil Benefits

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Specific fruits can be transposed into essential oils, and some have more health properties and uses than others. Depending on the fruit, sometimes the seeds or pits are the most nutritious part. With the apricot that is the case. Apricot oil is derived directly from the seeds, or kernels, of apricots. There are several amazing benefits of this incredibly light and fragrant oil. Another oil that is very similar to this oil in texture is almond oil. The fragrances of the two oils are also very similar. The various ways apricot kernel oil can be used may be surprising. 

Foot Scrub

During the winter months, we allow our feet to be neglected and don't give them the proper care and attention that they deserve. Due to the incredibly moisturizing effects of apricot oil, as well as how easily it penetrates the skin, using it on feet will keep your soles, heels, and toes soft, smooth and free of roughness. The most enjoyable thing about foot scrubs is that they can literally be made out of three very natural, very common ingredients. You'll need sugar, apricot kernel oil, and for a bit of an antioxidant kick, try some fresh ginger.

Hair Sealant

One of the issues with cold and dry weather is how much it strips our hair and skin of its much coveted moisture. There are ways to ensure that the moisture your hair needs stays locked in your precious tresses and doesn't seep out due to harsh weather conditions. Apricot oil is one of the best oils to use to seal in moisture. Certain hair products, whether natural or otherwise, only work on the surface of the hair shaft, which means that environmental elements can easily strip the hair of that moisture. Using apricot oil will help seal in the moisture and protect your hair from dryness and harsh elements.

Great For The Face

Some oils are too heavy to be applied directly to the face. This is because they can so easily clog pores. Apricot oil is a great oil to use on the face because it is light, airy and tolerable for those with sensitive skin. It seeps easily into the skin because of its texture. While apricot oil is often used as a massage oil for the body, it can also be used on the face to ensure proper moisturizing. One of its lesser known qualities is that it can be used as an alternative to under-eye cream as its anti-inflammatory properties help target under-eye puffiness. It also works on under-eye darkness, as its a natural brightener. You may want to consider ditching your heavy, expensive eye creams in favor of something light, fresh and natural.

High Mineral Source

Apricot kernels, or seeds, have specific health properties that also make them positive to consume internally in their raw form. They are a high mineral source that helps to aid those who suffer from asthma, bronchitis and tuberculosis. Also, due to its high concentration of vitamin B17, the seed is known to prevent cancers and lower blood pressure.

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