Have You Seen These New Supermarket Trends?

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Convenience and value are still what grocery shoppers demand, but many retailers have begun adapting to other changing preferences and needs. Here's a few trends that many of today's supermarkets are implementing.

Healthy Living And Fresh Prepared Foods

Ninety-two percent of U.S. adults believe that eating at home is healthier than eating out.

Consumers often just want to put the finishing touches on an item and avoid the slicing, dicing and marinating that often comes with food preparation. More than half of U.S. households are comprised of just one or two people, according to the most recent U.S. Census Bureau, and consumers often look to stores as their sous chef.

Meal Solutions And Smaller Grocery Stores

Supermarkets are bundling together meal components that are tasty and easy to prepare. Many retailers are putting their own spin on high-quality fare that reflects trendy culinary influences such as chef-prepared entrees and salads, ethnic fare, and in-store brunch stations and gelato bars.

Smaller stores are also able to refine their offerings based on neighborhood purchasing patterns and are on track for rapid growth, according to a recent Jeffries consumer survey.

Price-Driven Consumers, Online Options And Mobile Commerce

Middle and low-income shoppers account for 70 percent of U.S. grocery sales, but consumers without major financial constraints tend to be frugal and open to shopping in a variety of different channels in order to economize, too.

Grocery shopping is more likely to become a hybrid online and in-store process with consumers placing orders online, but also stopping in the store for items. In the future more people are expected to purchase pantry staples online rather than in grocery stores. Although the market for online ordering is growing experts agree that because grocery shipping is such a sensory experience it will probably never be a totally online process.

There are currently more than 1,000 grocery shopping apps for the iPhone, says Catalina Marketing. Digitizing supermarket ads and coupons for smartphones, computers and tablets is important to drive sales and form deeper connections with shoppers.

Some Supermarket Shopping Statistics
Here's a roundup of interesting statistics from FMI's 2014 shopper study: 

1 %of shoppers ordered groceries online for pickup at their local store within the past 12 months.

12 %of meals sourced outside the home come from supermarkets.

24 % of consumers buy fresh prepared meals from the grocery store instead of eating out in order to save money.

25 % of all meals consumed by twenty-something consumers include items purchased that same day.

43 % of primary grocery shoppers are male.

61 % of women say they have all or most of the responsibility for preparing dinner.

71 % of consumers rate the fresh food deli as an important factor when selecting a primary retailer.

75 % of weekly grocery spending takes place in a shopper's primary store.

77 % of shoppers make a list before going shopping.

88 % of list makers write grocery lists on paper.

93 % of shoppers typically drive to the grocery store.

96 % of shoppers who say they notice the nutrition facts panel.

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