Tulsi Milk: Is This Really Good For Your Health?

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Written By Scott Mathews / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

We’ve all heard how beneficial milk is. It is rich in nutrients like vitamin D, calcium, phosphorous, B vitamins, and potassium – all of which are essential for your health. Plus, it’s an amazing, affordable, and a tasty source of protein, not to mention that drinking dairy products prevents osteoporosis and helps you maintain healthier weight. Finally, there’s the thing most milk lovers enjoy before bed time - warm milk helps you fall asleep.

But, why not take this one step further? Have you ever heard of tulsi milk?

What Is Tulsi Milk?

Tulsi milk is the trend today. Drinking a single glass of warm milk with the tulsi ingredient boosts the benefits of the regular milk even further. So far, this beverage is reported to help with a multitude of health issues, as well as boost the immunity and well-being of those who drink it.

 “I’ve never been a fan of milk. I simply did not like the taste of it. But, in the office, people kept making this tulsi milk. Ever since I’ve tried it, I discovered that milk can have an amazing taste. It offers many benefits, too, which is why it’s so popular here,” says Terrence Potter, a writer at the service 7 dollar essay.

Tulsi has exceptional healing and health properties and the best part about it is – you can grow it in your kitchen garden. This is a type of a basil plant used to treat fever, disorders, prevent diseases, and strengthen your overall health.

Benefits Of Drinking Tulsi Milk

The Tulsi plant is more than just an ingredient you can add to your meal. The decoctions made from the roots and leaves of the tulsi have many healing and medicinal powers. It’s perfect for both your health and beauty problems. From dissolving kidney stones to making your skin clear and smooth and your hair shiny, tulsi is an amazing thing to try out.

1. Can Cure Fever

Thanks to its many nutrients, milk has been used as a discomfort relief by many. However, when you add tulsi to it, you’re giving your body a set of germicidal, anti-bacterial, fungicidal, and antibiotic properties in the form of a tasty beverage. Because of this, tulsi is known to reduce the fever when caused by common infections or malaria.

There are three popular uses of tulsi in terms of fever reduction: milk, tea, and juice. You can make this beverage by using a few tulsi leaves and boil them in half a liter of water with some powdered cardamom. The recommended proportion of tulsi to cardamom should be 1:0.3. Once you’re done, you can mix it with some milk and sugar.

2. Improves Your Heart’s Health

Tulsi contains one important antioxidant called augenol. This compound is known to keep the blood pressure under control by improving the body’s oxygenation. It is also known to lower the levels of cholesterol.

Many people even chew leaves of tulsi as a remedy for high cholesterol. Trevor Nelson, an expert from my assignment help says: “Nothing could lower my cholesterol until I’ve heard about tulsi. My friend brought me some home-grown leaves at work to chew and it was a miracle. Now I mix this with milk regularly and I keep my cholesterol intact.”

3. Boosts Immunity

Tulsi can prevent oxidative stress thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. If you combine it with milk instead of consuming it on its own, it provides and enhanced protection for your immune system. It is especially recommended during flu periods and frequent common cold periods.

4. Treats Respiratory Conditions

People around the world are hearing of the benefits of tulsi more and more frequently. This is why, at the company EasyEssay, the managers have added a “tulsi milk” beverage at their cafeteria’s list of choices. One of the reasons for this is the fact that this mixture is perfect for the common health issues people often face, such as sore throat, cough, or the common cold.

Thanks to the immunomodulatory, expectorant, and antitussive properties found in Tulsi, a combination of it with milk can do the following:

  • Modulates your immune system
  • Reduces the amount of cough by suppressing the cough center
  • Helps you expel the phlegm from your chest

You can also consume tulsi in the form of tea, but if you like the milk variant, you get quite the variety of benefits for your respiratory system, including the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that will also fight off the infection that causes the problem.

5. Beats Stress And Anxiety

We all feel stressed and anxious after a long day at work. At such times, you need to sit down, make yourself a warm cup of fresh tulsi milk, and relax.

According to the Central Drug Research Institute in Lucknow, India, tulsi can maintain a normal level of cortisol in the body, which is known as the stress hormone. It also has anti-stress agents that regulate the circulation of the blood, soothe the nerves, and beat the free radicals often produced during stressful episodes.

6. Prevents Migraine And Treats Headache

Do you often have migraines? I know I do and when I get one, a tall glass of tasty and warm tulsi milk is my first solution. Just as soon as you feel a headache, make this beverage to reduce the pain. If you have migraines, it is best to consume this beverage regularly to reduce their frequency, as well as the pain.

You can even use it directly on your forehead. Boil some tulsi leaves in hot water, let it cool, and place a towel in it. You can place the towel on your head to treat the symptoms of the migraine.

7. Can Reduce The Risk of Cancer

This combination is perfect since both tulsi and milk have antioxidants and nutrients that boost your immunity level. The combination of anti-carcinogenic and anti-oxidant properties can reduce the risk of cancer and even stop its progression, especially in cases of oral and breast cancer that occur as a result of chewing tobacco.

8. May Help Dissolve Kidney Stones

Also known as the holy basil, tulsi has detoxifying and diuretic properties that are good for your kidneys. When you drink tulsi milk, you can reduce the levels of uric acid in your blood, which are the reason for kidney stones. This beverage will also cleanse the kidneys and help break down the kidney stones, not to mention relieve the pain symptoms that occur as a result of this.

9. Beats Diabetes

Because of the essential oils contained in tulsi, the beverage produces helpful substances such as methyl eugenol, eugenol, and caryophyllene, tulsi. These substances help the beta cells in the pancreas in functioning properly, which can boost the sensitivity to insulin.

One added advantage of this is the ability to reduce the oxidative stress, which not only lowers the blood sugar in diabetics, but also makes them more comfortable.

10. Helps People Quit Smoking

Smoking is a bad habit and we all know it. However, no matter how willing a person is to quit, this is a very big challenge. Thankfully, tulsi is known to help with this problem, too. Thanks to the anti-stress compounds that reduce anxiety and stress, it’s a great thing to consume if you want to quit smoking, too.

When you’re trying to quit this nasty habit, you’ll find yourself feeling anxious all the time. This is probably the reason why many give up on the idea to quit smoking. However, with the help of tulsi and some warm milk, you can reduce the stress that gives you that urge to smoke again.

Moreover, the tulsi leaves have a cooling effect, so when you consume them in the liquid form, they’ll serve as menthol drops. You can also chew the leaves for stronger effect, all of which will help you avoid smoking.

In fact, Ayurveda uses tulsi leaves as the main ingredient for a smoking cessation device, not to mention that these leaves have healing properties that would fight the damage smoking caused in the first place.

11. Great For Your Hair And Skin

As we mentioned above, tulsi milk can beautify and strengthen your hair and your skin. It purifies the blood which instantly gives the skin a certain glow, as well as helps fight off blemishes and acne. Many young people use it today to reduce the inflammation and appearance of acne on their skin. Thanks to its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, tulsi and milk are both known to prevent acne breakouts on a sensitive skin.

According to Ayurvedic doctors, the tulsi leaf can even cure some skin conditions like leucoderma and conditions caused by ringworms. It is known to reduce hair fall and itchiness of the scalp. If you consume the beverage regularly, you will not only boost your overall health, but the health of your hair and skin, too.

How To Make Tulsi Milk

A single glass of tulsi milk per day is enough to keep your health intact and your skin soft and smooth. Here is how you can prepare it:

  • Get four to five tulsi leaves (you can grow them in your kitchen garden to use them fresh)
  • Wash the leaves
  • Boil a glass of milk in a pan
  • Add the leaves to the boiling milk and simmer this for few minutes
  • Let it cool a bit and pour yourself a nice glass

You can drink tulsi milk to reduce any discomfort or pain. For best results, try to consume this beverage on an empty stomach.


The benefits of tulsi milk are numerous and undeniable. Now that you know how great a consumption of a single glass of tulsi milk per day can be, can you afford not to drink it? After all, growing tulsi leaves is cheap and easy, making the beverage is even simpler, and it’s as tasty as it gets. Who says that a glass of milk serves only to put you to sleep faster?

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