The Health Benefits And Science Behind The Rising Popularity Of Zero-Gravity Chairs

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Written By Isabella Rossellini / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

It is mainly the science regarding zero-gravity position and the innumerable health benefits provided by a zero-gravity chair that has made it so popular. This is the medical science that is related to spine-related disorders and ailments. You will find a lot of information regarding this specific segment of science in scientific journals and even if you go through NASA records published in their public domains.

The use of zero-gravity position by the commercial world with these specific chairs has created a buzz among people suffering from back pain. Ideally, this science deals with the fundamentals of physics, which is “Zero Gravity,” meaning “No Gravity.” This is related to the celestial bodies - planets and space.

  • This position results in NBP or Neutral Body Posture, where the effects of gravity on your body are zero. This results in minimum stress on the body, even when an astronaut is launched outside gravity in a space shuttle and during re-entry.
  • This position is entirely different from the phenomenon of weightlessness, which is the floating astronauts you see in a space vessel. This is due to the rapid speed at which a ship descends to earth, making the body float!

It is this concept of the zero-gravity position that gave rise to zero-gravity chair development. It takes the pressure off the spine and keeps the legs above your heart level.

The design and types

Most of the time, your body is either upright, when at work, or horizontal, while sleeping. The design and mechanism of the zero-gravity chair lifts the entire weight of your body and gives a feeling of relief and comfort. It is sometimes raised far above your head, which mainly provides relief from back pain.

Ideally, there are two specific types of zero-gravity chairs. These are:

  • Regular Zero-Gravity Chair – These are manually designed chairs that come with a locking system to help you sit in your lifted sitting position as desired. Made mostly from steel, wood or aluminum, these chairs are lightweight and very easy to use.
  • Zero-Gravity Massage Chair – Chairs that have this feature are usually run by electricity and have no manual locking system. You have to use an automatic remote controller to control your reclining position.

You can use zero-gravity chairs both indoors and outdoors. Apart from relieving your back pain, they will also help you in your sleeping position.

The health benefits

The enormous health benefits have also made these chairs so popular, especially among those who want to recover from neck and back pain. The list of benefits also include:

  • increased blood circulation
  • less pressure put on the spine
  • increased lung function
  • helps pregnant women sleep comfortably
  • reduces the post-operative period after back surgery
  • improves body posture
  • improves heart health
  • naturally heals leg swelling.

If you are looking for a chair for health benefits, consider buying a zero-gravity chair.

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