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Now that we are almost four months into the new year, many people have lost the steam they had in January for committing to a workout regime. But what can really hold you back is the pressure you place upon yourself to meet your pre-conceived goals and ideas. 

You may have set the bar too high, says Jamy Ard, M.D., associate professor of epidemiology and prevention and co-director of the Weight Management Center at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

Physical activity not only needs to be simple and structured enough to meet your lifestyle demands, but also enjoyable enough for you to look forward to it, she says. The point is to get over the inertia that has taken root in your self-motivation world and remind yourself of why you value being active.

Here's some exercise tips to get back on track.

Enjoy The Excercise

Don't be afraid to let go of a gym membership if it is not working for your or fitting into your schedule. Try your own walking program or join a running group.

Start Slow

Make your plan almost so simple that it is almost nearly impossible to come up with a good excuse for avoiding it. Try a 10-minute walk at work or a quick run around your block.

Keep Challenging Yourself

If you move more today than you did yesterday you are heading in the right direction. Be sure to evaluate your routine periodically and add a little bit to it such as a few extra pounds on your dumbbells or barbells or a few extra minutes on your walking or running time.

Look For The Changes

Seeing positive changes no matter how small is extremely reinforcing and may be enough to get you springing back into shape sooner than later.

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