Men's Fitness: 6 Ways Music Can Boost Your Well-Being

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Written By Curtis Dean / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Do you want to improve your mood? Listen to music. Most of the time, men are listening to music as this is known to be a stress-reducing activity. Studies have revealed that listening to music lowers the level of stress-associated hormones – the cortisol. This is also called the primary stress hormone. Listening to your favorite music diverts your attention making you fall into a pampering relaxation.

It is so interesting how a single song can change our outlook and mood in just a glimpse. The incredible effect of music on a person’s well-being has been the target of a number of researchers all over the world. Some of them believe in music’s power in helping improve our well-being.

Experts say learning music has its own effect – it improves a person’s intelligent quotient and is considered a natural anti-depressant. We must take care of our well-being by considering music therapy as an option. 

Here’s how music can boost your well-being:

Change Your Mood with music to boost your well-being

Men are characterized as impulsive. Music improves their over-all well-being as it helps them control what they feel. Listening to music changes men’s perspective depending on the type of music being listened as studies suggest music and mood are closely inter-related.

A happy mood enables men to think well, become attentive, and make good decisions. Moreover, our happy mood help us feel lighter, brighter, and energetic. On the other hand, a negative mood represses our emotions and can negatively affect our body.

Music and Movement to Reduce Anxiety and boost your well-being

It is undeniable that music reduces anxiety and can boost happiness. Lively music with an inspirational tune will move you to your highest point of pleasure. The feeling assembles your sensory experiences such as the taste of your favourite food or sex. Creating a music playlist and lending your ears to it whenever you’re in the gym working out or at work will surely make you feel energized, relieved, and so ever active. 

Fast Tunes Boost Your Speed and well-being

Experts reveal that listening to fast-tuned music can boost your speed. Your brain coordinates with your emotions. Hearing this triggers your body to move according to the music’s tune. There are types of music that make us dance and let ourselves flow into their current.

Playing energetic music which improves physical stimulation while exercising will increase your overall performance and even help you achieve your desired number of push-ups, attain a new record for jump squats, and surpass your previous number of sit-ups. Planning to make those biceps stronger? Play some rock music!

Music Eases Pain and boosts your well-being

Treating emotional pain is a bit more challenging than physical pain. Men, when in emotional pain, express themselves in a lower level of emotional expression unlike women. To ease the pain, put those headphones on and turn the music up.

Experts propose that listening to music is a proven pain reducer. It engages men emotionally diverting focus and puts them in touch with their emotional life. This helps them reflect, process, and think of possible solutions. You just need to choose the right music and feel the pain until you realize it’s over.

Increase energy and boost your well-being

A sport psychologist, Dr. Karageorghis, studied how music can affect our energy. His findings revealed that listening to music improves athletic performance by delaying fatigue or by increasing work capacity.

The more we listen and enjoy the music, the more we become powerful, productive, enduring, and strong. This explains men’s enthusiasm of doing more because their brain forgets the feeling of pain or fatigue as they enjoy the music’s beat.

Music Makes Workouts More Bearable and boosts well-being

Music changes thought processes and behaviour. Every time a man goes to the gym and plays his favourite music, it pleases them. When pleased by a playing song, the serotonin level hikes – otherwise known as the “feel good” hormone. This hormone stabilizes mood and impacts both a person’s emotions and motor skills.

This satisfying experience triggers men to be in a good mood while working out. Doing so enables them to bear intensive exercises and rigorous work out routines.

Listening to all types of music enhances not just our physical and mental health but also emotional health. Healing through music has been integral to many. It functions as an emotional booster, helps us overcome our fears, relieves our anxieties, helps us get over the feeling of being isolated, and improves all aspects of our life - especially men. This is why we should never take the power of music for granted. 

Engaging yourself in music-related activities such as singing and playing musical instruments is also encouraged. These activities trigger your brain to release dopamine – a hormone responsible for a person’s pleasure and happiness - because we can express our emotions, feelings, and thoughts through music.

Enrolling in stress-relieving hobbies such as violin, flute, cello, piano, or guitar lessons will surely bring you into a tranquil and stress-free zone.

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