Drinking Coffee May Help Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

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Roughly 500,000 lives were lost last year alone to breast cancer. While early screenings and radiation laden mammograms are pushed on the masses, not much attention is paid to other methods of prevention or detection. The world of science doesn't often intersect with naturally occurring substances, but a recent study from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden suggests that some plant extracts may be able to do just that, prevent breast cancer. The good news for the average American is that its not some rare plant or expensive extract you'd have to buy at a health food store. No, chances are you already have it in your house. Even if you don't, odds are pretty good you can find it on every other street corner. So what is this mysterious, naturally existing cancer fighter? Coffee.

The Swedish study surmises that certain compounds in coffee specifically cut risk of whats currently called anti-estrogen-resistant estrogen-receptor negative breast cancer. Lifestyles and coffee consumption among groups of women with and without breast cancer that were the same age were examined in this study. What the researchers found was that the women who were consuming the most coffee had significantly lower cases of breast cancer than those who rarely or never drank coffee. Its not yet known which particular compounds contained within coffee or even if its the coffee itself that give it this protective capability.

The good news is that this is another blow against mainstream medicine from a natural source. More and more studies are being conducted that show better results in treating conditions with natural remedies, all the while having far fewer (if any) side effects. At the same time its also being proven that many of the devices used to detect and treat diseases like cancer specifically are part of the problem to begin with. The phrase fight fire with fire isn't to be taken literally, as in treat a condition that could have been caused by radiation with radiation.

Sources: Breast Cancer Research

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