Dental Tip Can Aesthetic Dentistry Make You Happy?

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Before a patient decides to embark upon an aesthetic dental procedure, one of the things a dentist needs is the support of health psychologists to enhance their patients satisfaction with their appearance. 

A study by the British Psychological Society involved 60 participants that completed the Slade Body Satisfaction Scale as well as the Visual Analogue Scale and a short version of the Big Five personality test. The goal was to assess satisfaction with their appearance before and after having dental work done.

The findings revealed that patients that were the happiest about their appearance before receiving aesthetic dental treatment were also the ones that were happiest after the treatment, regardless of what dental procedure was performed. The findings also revealed that dissatisfaction with appearance seen on those high on neuroticism persisted after the dental work was performed.

The study was conducted by Sharmila Sarin and supervised by Dr. Koula Asimakopoulou and colleagues from the Kings College London. We wanted to establish whether personality and the views that people have about their appearance before receiving aesthetic dental treatment would influence satisfaction with the outcomes of aesthetic dental procedures, Sarin said. We found that it is in the patients and dentists interest to ensure that patients receiving aesthetic dental work start from as high a point of satisfaction with current appearance as possible. This will enhance the chances that they will be satisfied with the results of aesthetic dental treatment. Neuroticism is also likely to interfere with satisfaction with aesthetic dental work.

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