Can A Carbohydrate Help Regulate Blood Pressure?

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Written By Lisa S. Jones / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

A particular type of carbohydrate does play an important role in regulating the blood pressure in the human body, says research from the University of Copenhagen and Rigshospitalet. The finding – published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry - may have a vast potential for improved medications for high blood pressure. Both hypertension and hypotension can have adverse consequences for the health and lead to cardiovascular diseases.

The researchers now know a little more about the factors that help regulate the blood pressure. Ph.D. student Lasse Holst Hansen found a particular form of carbohydrate or sugar on a particular peptide hormone in humans. In addition, the research team found that the peptide hormone with that particular form of sugar affects the regulation of blood pressure. They hope that in the long term their results can be used to develop better medications for hypertension. “It may be a really good bet for a modern way to treat hypertension without side effects such as syncope,” says Professor Jens Peter Gøtze, Rigshospitalet, the Department of Clinical Biochemistry. “It has long been known that this peptide hormone is extremely important for blood pressure, but so far it has not been possible to use it in the treatment. This finding was only possible because we collaborated across disciplines and combined basic and clinical research.”

In a process called glycosylation, the cells of the body use sugar to decorate proteins in order to control the function and stability of the proteins. In the study, the researchers show how a particular type of sugar attach to a peptide hormone called atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP). This peptide hormone is secreted from the heart and is important for regulation of blood pressure and the fluid balance in the body. “We can see that when that particular sugar is located on the peptide hormone, it regulates the fluid balance and blood pressure differently than if the sugar is not located there,” added Associate Professor Katrine Schjoldager, Copenhagen Center for Glycomics. “In our animal models, we could see that the peptide hormone with and without sugar behaves differently. It gives us an insight into a new mechanism for regulation of these important physiological processes in the body.”

The next step for the researchers is in-depth studies of the function of that particular sugar and studies as to how the heart regulates the attachment of the sugar. They also plan to investigate the function in humans to find out whether the phenomenon is more prevalent in some patient groups than in others, such as patients with heart failure.

The Benefits Of Probiotics For High Blood Pressure

If you are fairly health conscious, you likely have heard individuals suggest taking a probiotic for gut health. While a pill is sometimes not an issue for some people to take on a regular basis, for others, incorporating foods that give the same impact as the pill is preferable. A recent study submitted to the American Physiological Society, showed that drinking kefir, which is a natural probiotic milk, can actually prompt a brain-gut response that helps to lower blood pressure.

Research has shown that the specific imbalance that may be prevalent and present in the gut's colony of bacteria, which is referred to as a microbiota, can cause high blood pressure in certain people. What probiotics is able to do is to tackle the poor bacteria in the gut and correct it in a way that helps the overall health of the gut and various other parts of the body. The impact on blood pressure is astounding and potentially so significant as high blood pressure can be a very serious cause for other health risks or conditions. High blood pressure can lead to things like stroke and put a person at greater risk for cardiovascular disease.

The research was executed in Alabama at Auburn University where three groups of rats were separated and used in groups for the purpose of the hypothesis. One group had high blood pressure and was treated with kefir. One group had high blood pressure and was not treated with kefir. One was the control group. The supplementation of kefir to the group of rats that were treated lasted nine weeks. In these rats, a lower level of endotoxins existed. Their blood pressure had lowered significantly and their intestinal permeability was also greatly improved compared to the group that wasn't treated.

Balancing Gut Bacteria

One of the potential reasons that kefir was so beneficial in aiding the lowering of blood pressure is because it's able to get into the gut and clean out the intestines. Managing and balancing the gut bacteria is essential so that all the necessary enzymes allow the nervous system to function at its most optimal level. Both the nervous system and the digestive system work in tandem to control high blood pressure. While high blood pressure is a commonly suffered condition, many sufferers don't even know they have it.

Some may think they're stressed or have a bit of anxiety linked to their life responsibilities but that doesn't necessarily correlate with blood pressure. Sometimes, however, it does and these slight shifts can be imperceptible to notice. The force with which your blood moves through your veins and arteries can compromise your health if you aren't careful. The incorporation of something like kefir can be an easy and simple way to make sure you're managing your gut health and also potentially getting your blood pressure into normal ranges.

Implementing little changes like this can actually prove to be incredibly beneficial to your health and wellness. While it can sometimes seem like a big deal to remember to take a bunch of pills every day, small changes that can be easily added to your everyday routine can actually make a significant difference.

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