Alternative Medicine: Fact Or Fiction?

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Written By Sheerin Jafri / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

It isn't unusual for people to turn to alternative medicine for treatment. Not everyone likes the idea of using only conventional medicine. However, there is a wide range of choices to opt from when it comes to alternative medicine.

You can go for essential oils, holistic remedies, yoga, or even acupuncture. Although it is hard to tell if any of these methods are effective, some people find them more helpful and less painful than evasive treatments.

Whether you choose to go for conventional medicine or go for alternative methods, it is always good to do your research. After all, it is not worth endangering your life or compromising your health if you don't know if the method suits you. Remember, research can help you assess both sides of the picture so it will be easier for you to decide what form of treatment you want.

Through this article, we will address some commonly associated myths with alternative medicine. These will help you eradicate a misconstrued opinion about it. Here's what you need to know about alternative treatments:

1.   Alternative Medicine Is the Same as Conventional Medicine

Alternative medicine can be a great stress reliever. However, it may not be the best solution for all kinds of illnesses. Some diseases, including cancer, stroke, or even typhoid, need you to seek conventional medicine. It is because you need the chemical derivatives found in them to help your body recover.

Natural homemade salves aren't potent enough to combat diseases. If you have a severe injury, you may risk it getting more infected. With alternative medicine, you may cause damage to your system. There are several myths associated with alternative medicines. Hence, we recommend consulting your general physician to get to know the facts.

Moreover, the digital education infrastructure empowers healthcare professionals with a plethora of content to filter and clear myths and convey facts to the masses. However, as a practitioner, you may opt for a masters in public health online to understand the benefits of conventional vs. alternative medicine for treating various communities.

2.   Natural Is Safe

When we go shopping, our eyes naturally gravitate towards organic products. There is a belief that organic means healthy. It is because we believe that anything organic is packed with vitamins. While vitamins may be good for you, excess of anything will be harmful.

Most supplements have derivatives of other ingredients that may cause you to become sicker. Most vitamin C supplements have rosehip, and this natural ingredient, if consumed by pregnant women, may cause a miscarriage. So while it is good you take vitamins, you can't depend on them to stay healthy.

You need to go easy on your supplements and stop them after a while or take breaks in between. So while alternative supplements may be natural, they are not entirely safe. 

3.   Alternative Medicine Is Real

While alternative methods provide a placebo effect, there is no scientific evidence to back up that it can cure you. Specific ailments like joint problems need surgery after a while, and no supplements can dodge that.

The same goes for vaccine shots. Alternative methods are not a substitute for vaccines. These supplements don't have the combating traits vaccines do and cannot kill a virus. Conventional methods, on the other hand, have years of scientific research and theories backing them up. There is concrete evidence that the treatments not only work but they prolong your lifespan.

4.   Alternative Medicine Is Healthier

Alternative medicine may burn through your wallet fast. However, that doesn't mean it's safe. When it comes to herbal supplements, you never know what you may be allergic to. With acupuncture, though it is generally safe, it may not always be pocket-friendly.

You could be allergic to essential oils and lotions. With conventional medicine, you get tested first before you start. You go through extensive questioning, your insurance company gets included in the decision, and you get alternative treatments before starting. So you won't go off your budget, and in case of signs and symptoms, the doctor stops your medicine.

Also, if you choose to go down the alternative medicine route for treatment, you may be causing your disease to worsen. So while you may be taking supplements or going for acupuncture, it may not be well for you.

5.   Alternative Medicine Exempts You from a Doctor

If you're already taking conventional medication, then using herbal supplements or certain acidic fruits such as grapefruit may change the way your medicine works. No matter what treatment route you choose, you will always need a doctor.

Tests such as taking your blood culture and checking your heart rate are suitable for going through your family history. You also learn if you need dietary changes and need to give up certain foods. So while alternative medicine may be available online, don't start them without proper consultation.

6.   Alternative Medicine Doctors Don't Use Conventional Medicine

There is a widespread belief that alternative practitioners don't do conventional medicines. It is not true. While they may administer you treatments such as acupuncture or go to a chiropractor, some conditions need conventional medicine.

Suppose you are going in to see your doctor about back pain. Getting acupuncture or getting yourself fixed with a chiropractor may give you temporary relief. Still, if both professionals notice that your condition is rough, they will refer you to a doctor. In most cases, both may work collaboratively, or an alternative medicine doctor may refer you to a conventional medicine doctor.

7.   Pharmaceuticals Want To Pump You with Drugs

You may feel that every time you go to a doctor, they are only prescribing you pills. It is a common conspiracy or misconception. Unless your condition requires medical attention, no doctor is willing to give you drugs for no reason.

Conventional medicine follows a very organized system. However, alternative medicine, apart from a few procedures, doesn't follow structure. You need to conduct your research and employ different methods at your risk.

It means if you want to get acupuncture, first find out how professional your acupuncturist is. If you need herbal supplements, you need to find out how long you should carry the course. Without proper research, you may end up injuring yourself or causing severe harm to your body. It may cause you additional pain and recovery time since you will need to heal from two ailments.

Suppose you want to try yoga, find out how flexible your body is, and try doing warm-ups before starting your session. You may also want to know how professional your yogi is.

Wrap Up

So is alternative medicine fact or fiction? If you follow the discussion so far, most of it is fictitious and a result of a placebo effect. In most cases, you may get temporary relief but not enough that you can call yourself cured.

It is always best to consult a doctor when you are looking for treatment. That is because doctors follow a systematic way of conducting your treatment that is both safe and beneficial for you. You may look into alternative medicine if you feel conventional medicine isn't helping, but make sure you know what you're getting yourself into.

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