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No one has time to get sick with the crazy schedules we all keep. But it's easy for our immune systems to get bogged down and illness and ailments to get the better of us.

However, most of us can't afford to be sick or unwell. While some of us have medicine cabinets full of over-the-counter aids for whatever virus or infection that sidelines you for a bit, there are completely natural aids and remedies that can help as well. When a natural remedy can work to help rid you of certain symptoms and sickness, they are often preferred.

Certain medications may have additives in them that alter pH levels or cause other issues internally with prolonged use that we may be unaware of. 


Whether it's because of something bad you ate or a stomach bug that may be going around your office, nausea is not something that many of us can function well with. That uneasy feeling can be debilitating and no one wants to feel like they may lose their lunch.

Ginger is a great natural remedy for nausea. Slicing small ginger chips from natural ginger root and steeping them in tea will help settle your stomach. You can also crush little bits of the root into ice trays with distilled water. This allows you to suck on the ice cubes and get the effects of the ginger instantly.

Sore Throat

Eating and drinking when your throat is sore or hurts is one of the most uncomfortable experiences. A sore throat can be a result of something small like allergies or something more serious like a virus. In either case, garlic can be used as a way to soothe and remedy your sore throat.

Crushing the juice from garlic and adding it to warm water and drinking it twice daily will have your throat feeling better in a matter of 48 hours. Garlic has antimicrobial properties that reverse pain-causing germs and eases inflamed tissue.


A persistent cough can be so irritating, both to you and those around you. Especially if you don't feel that poorly, but still can't seem to stop coughing. Certain coughs can take several days to just subside. Try dark chocolate, as the theobromine compound can be more effective to curb a cough than the codeine used in cough syrup.

Also researchers show that the effects of honey, on a cough that just won't go away, are also favorable. Honey is known to have elements that act as a suppressant in the throat.


If you happen to catch a virus that gives you a fever, you may feel out for the count. Illnesses that cause fevers generally make you feel weak and groggy. But unfortunately, some of us can't afford to be immobile in bed until the fever breaks. Sipping linden flower tea will help. This tea stimulates the hypothalamus which helps lower fever naturally and dilates blood vessels, which promotes sweating and will help your fever pass sooner.

Also, though it sounds bizarre, putting slices of onions in a pair of clean socks and wearing the socks, will help draw the fever out through the feet. Within one to two days you'll be fever free.

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