Ohio State University Researches Golden Potato Health Benefits

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An experimental potato that has been examined in Ohio may be the key to cutting the disease propensity in certain developing and third world countries. Because the intrinsic health benefits, in countries where hunger is an unending and ubiquitous issue, is largely tied to nutritional output. For people in countries where food isn't plentiful, getting a meal that is both sustainable and nutritionally sound is imperative.

New research has found that one serving of a yellow-orange potato that was first engineered in a lab in Italy, may provide up to forty percent of a child's needed intake of vitamin A. There are also high elements of vitamin E that can be found within the potato as well.

Potatoes are incredibly popular and widely consumed in the United States. It is the fourth most commonly consumed plant that humans ingest after the other staples such as rice, wheat and corn, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. These food items are also huge staples in many types of worldwide cuisines, such as Asian, African and South American countries. Interesting enough, these countries also largely suffer from these types of vitamin deficiencies. By in large the reason for that is lack of amount of food they readily have access to.

Vitamins A And E

Study author Mark Failla, the professor of human nutrition at Ohio State, says: More than 800,000 people depend on the potato as their main source of energy and many of these individuals are not consuming adequate amounts of these vital nutrients. These golden tubers have far more vitamin A and vitamin E than white potatoes, and that could make a significant difference in certain populations where deficiencies- and related diseases are common.

The nutritional value that these vitamins bring are absolutely critical to the normal function of so many different internal aspects. Vitamin A is essential in organ development, the immune system function, vision, growth and reproductive health. It turns out that a stark vitamin A deficiency is the leading cause of preventable blindness in young kids. Vitamin E helps the body to properly deal with inflammation and protect it against oxidative stress. It also impact the nerves, muscles, eyesight and immune system.

Real-World Impact

During the tests in the lab, Failla was able to create a simulated experience via the digestive system, which includes the small intestine and stomach, that would allow the provitamin A and vitamin E to be properly absorbed when the golden potato is consumed. Essentially, they mimicked the conditions and processes of the digestive organs to determine just how much of the fat-soluble nutrients were able to be properly ascertained by the body. What makes the golden potato so special is that engineers added carotenoids that provide the amount of vitamins previously stated in order to make it more nutritionally dense.

The cross breeding of plants and plant sciences has lead to extraordinary discoveries in recent years and the successes that have been uncovered are only further imbued by the potential ability to make a real impact in the world with such discoveries. It may no longer be a far away notion that we could provide this type of information and services to countries that would greatly benefit from it. Potentially aiding the world in preventing hunger and preventable disease is an exciting and worthy possibility.

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