Bike Riding To Work: Fit In Exercising Where You Can

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The importance of being and remaining active over the course of your life is beneficial in many different ways. One of the foremost concerns often expressed is the lack of time some have to get the amount of exercise in that they would like. Some are under the preconceived notion that, in order to have a meaningful, good workout, it must be calculated and overly strenuous. This is not the case.

Researchers in Copenhagen wanted to inquire if riding a bike to work could be considered as effective as any other type of leisure time exercise. Bike riding to work could be a great, time-effective solution for those who simply can't find the time to work out the way they would like.

Any type of physical activity can change the trajectory of your body and increase your mood. A professor at Copenhagen University, Bente Stallknecht says: This is good news to the many overweight people who may not have the time or inclination to join a fitness center because they also have to pick up their children and cook dinner after work. Our results show that it is possible to combine transport to and from work with effective physical exercise.

With the busy lives so many lead and the responsibilities that are already set in stone, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out exactly when and where you have time to do something for your own health, well-being, and fitness level. Riding to work is the perfect opportunity to do something active within an allotted amount of time you can dedicate to the act.

Riding Research

The study dealt with 130 overweight participants who had a Body Mass Index (BMI) between 25 and 35. They were divided into four groups and given different tasks. One group also incorporated increased intensity of movement and exercise types. After a six-month period, the first three groups had less overall fat mass. The fourth group, who was the control group and didn't participate in any physical activities, stayed stagnant.

Any and all forms of exercise are beneficial to the body. This is especially the case in those who are overweight or who struggle with weight issues. While there is an increased benefit of high-intensity workouts, those do yield the most fat loss and overall positive effects. It's also worth mentioning that there needs to be a level of consistency attributed to this type of plan.

The first three groups did this for a six-month time span at five days a week. A lesser amount of time and a lesser commitment of consistency would yield lesser results. The body needs to stay in motion on a regular basis to gain and retain optimal health.

Riding Results

This study's results are a clear indication that you can fit in a worthwhile and necessary workout in moments where you least expect it. You only need to be diligent and committed to the practice. Leisurely exercise is exercise all the same, even if it isn't intense bouts of cardio on the stair stepper or lifting heavy at the weight bench.

All types of movement and activity matter and make a necessary amount of difference. So hop on a bike and pedal to your office. After a few weeks, it will become second nature and you'll likely even start to enjoy it, no matter how exercise resistant you may be.

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