What Are Speed Braces?

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Speed braces are smaller and more streamlined than traditional braces. They are created from the same metals and materials but are created in a slightly different way which allows them to remain less obvious, stay smaller - which may be more comfortable - and are anticipated to create faster results than traditional metal braces.

Approximately 30 percent smaller, speed braces can be more comfortable than other metal braces, but they are not intended to be invisible to the naked eye. Operating as self-ligating braces they do not require any ligature such as elastics to place pressure on the teeth.

They use a spring clip that will apply the pressure on the wire that runs through the brackets, which is the portion that causes the teeth to move position. They are used to treat overcrowding, over or under bites, jaw alignment concerns, and teeth that are crooked or that are not spaced evenly.

Who is suitable for speed braces?

Much like traditional braces the length of time they are required is determined by each case individually, however, they average 18 months to two years, and a retainer may be required after treatment has been completed to maintain the changes made. Anyone who is able to use traditional metal braces can also be a suitable fit for speed braces.

Advantages of speed braces

Speed braces may be faster and less painful than other types of braces, and they are more comfortable. The smaller bracket sizes make them easier to keep clean and work around, and they cause less damage to teeth, decrease food buildup, and result in fewer cavities.

Along with a different appearance - as they are smaller and without elastics - they appear cleaner, which may appeal to more people. This lack of elastics or metal ties also results in faster installation and fewer visits without any adjustments needed.

Options for speed braces

Options include KLOWEN, Suresmile, LightForce, and others. These alternatives are all suitable for aesthetics and all options should be considered with your orthodontist. These are all self-ligating braces and will require installation and removal by a dental professional.

Speed braces are a brand of braces that are considered to be self-ligating as they do not have any additional parts to adjust, but rather permanently place an even pressure on the teeth through the use of a clip.

While there are other brands available, these have been shown to be less intrusive and cover less of the teeth, which ultimately results in less damage to the teeth.

There are not enough studies to ultimately show if they are indeed faster, but they have been found to be more comfortable with less pain and easier maintenance than traditional braces. They are a suitable fit for most people who are approved for regular braces, and they are faster to install, making them a viable solution for many people.

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