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In recent years, sleep disturbances are much more common than they've ever been. The importance of sleep cannot be overstated. Getting sound and consistent sleep can be the difference in a sound mind and body for a myriad of reasons. One of the most common issues that some experience with sleep is a condition called sleep apnea. It is said that nearly 18 million individuals are suffering with apnea, which compromises the ability to breathe correctly due to an obstruction while they are sleeping. 

While some people think that sleep apnea simply means loud snoring, it actually means much more than that. There are repeated interruptions in the pattern of breathing which can be potentially very dangerous. Listed below are different facts regarding sleep apnea that aren't very well known.

Raises Risks For Serious Health Concerns

There are substantial risks associated with sleep apnea that some don't realize. It's so much more than potentially disrupting your partner's sleep with loud snores - namely the risk for things like high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack and obesity. Any type of interruption to your breathing while your body is at complete rest can be compromising to your health and internal nervous system. This also speaks to the necessity of breathing properly even when you are awake. When the brain and body is deprived of oxygen, there are so many potential issues that can arise.

Compromises Your Mood And Emotions

When you suffer from sleep apnea, not only is your brain potentially more exhausted because of those patterns of breathing that are compromised, but it affects on a huge level how you react when you are going about your day. Lack of good, sound sleep can contribute to poor mood and even extreme emotions. When you're tired, it's hard to regulate normal experiences that you'd be better suited to deal with when you have had the proper amount of sleep. You may become overly reactive to something that you wouldn't otherwise simply from sheer fatigue and exhaustion.

Damages Stored Memories

Poor memory and loss of memory can be caused by a whole plethora of things - one of which is sleep apnea. Much in the way it can affect emotions and moods, lack of sleep and the way that it compromises the brain can negatively impact the memory sensors in the brain. The brain requires a certain amount of oxygen to function at its best, and when that oxygen supply is cut off for a period of time, the ability to recall memories can be lessened.

Affects More Women Than Men

For some reason, though both genders can suffer from this issue, those who are most impacted by the condition are generally women. They are also more susceptible to the side effects and additional contributing factors of sleep apnea.

This condition is also not something that only affects adults. Children can be affected by and suffer from sleep apnea as well. This is why necessary testing and a variety of treatments need to be offered to sufferers as going to sleep in such a risky situation isn't something that should be taken lightly.

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