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Written By Finnegan Pierson / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

The gift of great skin is more than what anyone expects during the holiday season. The trends in the beauty universe ebb and flow, but recently it’s trendy to begin moving away from heavy makeup and intense application styles and toward natural, glowing skin.

Although gift sets are available and can definitely make gifting high-quality skincare items easier, this article will instead concentrate on the different elements you can use to curate a personalized skincare gift for anyone in your life based on their skincare needs. Not only will the receiver of a thoughtful skincare gift be much more likely to actually use all the different elements, but you may also end up spending less while giving more.

Dull Skin 

Having dull, grayish skin is an issue that many people deal with, so it’s a good problem to tackle in your skincare gift for just about anyone. Dull skin can be a difficult issue to tackle because it really begins with the diet. Your first bet for getting rid of dull skin is to tackle the diet, but if you’re creating a gift basket of skin care for someone, you may want to consider adding a supplement to their skincare gift.

Check out Active PK reviews and find the supplements that work best for any condition. Serums and oils are also a great skin brightness booster, and vitamin C oil is a favorite among skincare enthusiasts for giving them the glow of their dreams.

Dry Skin 

If the receiver of the skincare set you’re thinking of curating deals with dry skin, finding hydrating products for their skin is essential. This is especially pertinent for the winter, as most people with dry skin deal with the worst of it during the winter months when the cold, dry air sucks moisture from the skin. You should first concentrate on finding a moisturizer that works well for most people.

Because you can’t know every detail of someone’s skin issues, it’s best to find a high-quality moisturizer that has ingredients like glycerin and polypropylene glycol which penetrate the skin, and lanolin and mineral oil which creates a barrier of protection. You could also add a lip care product like the lip sleeping mask, which should be applied and worn overnight for great results in moisturizing the lips.

Fine Lines And Wrinkles 

Anti-aging creams and lotions are all the rage in the beauty world, and it’s no wonder. With thousands spent every year for plastic surgery and fillers to fix aging skin, preventative care is becoming the go-to line of defense.

The most helpful way to prevent wrinkles is through consistent, daily use of sunscreen - even in the winter!. Everyday application of sunscreen can drastically reduce signs of aging, as well as your chance of getting skin cancer. Adding a sunscreen is a great gift for any skin type, just make sure that for darker skin tones, you choose a chemical sunscreen rather than a physical one.


Blemishes are one of the most common reasons people are insecure about their skin. This can be a huge problem, and not something that you can’t always fix necessarily with over-the-counter solutions. However, many people that deal with acne and oily skin may be over-hydrating, so adding a cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin, like the Cerave Daily Moisturizing Cleanser, can be a great addition for those who haven’t tried it.

Another tried and true blemish reducer is a hydrating toner, which can come in various formulations, but it’s best to stick with one that is alcohol-free so it doesn’t strip the skin. When the skin is stripped of vital ols, it can actually make the skin overproduce oil and sebum, leading to acne.

Curating the perfect skincare gift really comes down to picking problem areas and finding the best solutions for those. You want to make sure that you are giving the most valuable gifts, and that really starts with tackling problems that the person you’re gifting to is dealing with.

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