What Is Slugging Skincare And Why Has It Gone Viral?

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Written By Jennifer Raskin / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Most of us want gorgeous skin and we’ll go to pretty much any length to get it. That’s why slugging is taking the social media world by storm. Notably on TikTok and Reddit, influencers are slugging, pardon the pun, this skincare hack.

Unlike the snail mucus serums though, slugging has zero to do with slugs and slime. It’s about slathering skin with a petroleum-based ointment, leaving it on overnight to repair skin. Yes, they’re covering their skin in Vaseline in droves. But does it do any good?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Slugging

Since K-beauty seems to set the standard, it might be worth looking into this skincare trend. Because petroleum jelly is occlusive, it creates a protective barrier on the skin. It helps repair dry skin by keeping that barrier intact and keeping water loss from occurring by trapping the moisture in the skin.

Slugging isn’t for just anyone though. If you have dry or mature skin, slugging may help. Even those with eczema that suffer from a compromised skin barrier can see improvement. If you have blemish-prone, oily, or combination skin, you should stay away. And should you be of the dry or aging skin sector, it’s not recommended to use the slugging technique every night.

Additionally, for those that find themselves with “maskne,” the new term for breakouts associated with wearing masks during the pandemic, you will only cause acne flareups and make those mask breakouts worse. It could even cause milia, small cysts of dead keratin which could give you the look of chicken skin. That’s even worse than acne itself!

How to Try Slugging for Skin Care

Should you still be curious to try slugging, you should do so very gradually. At night, you’ll go through your usual skincare routine. Cleanse first, then add your serums and moisturizer as usual. Once those things have soaked into your skin, you can apply the petroleum-based product of your choice. Most commonly in Korean beauty, it is Aquaphor or Vaseline that is used.

Ideally, you’ll want to perform this ritual a minimum of 30 minutes before turning in for the night. The ointment can get all over your pillowcase. No biggie if you change it regularly, but having a dirty pillowcase can also lead to bad breakouts. It’s advised that you only apply a thin layer of the petroleum-based ointment. This is certainly an example of something that can be too much of a good thing.

Experts remain split on the topic. Some say slugging is fine in moderation for dry and aging skin. Others say that focusing on actually hydrating your skin is the best way to improve your skin. Petroleum-based ointments don’t add moisture into skin and can only seal in hydration. If you do choose to try slugging, make sure you’re infusing your skin with proper moisturizing products first to make it a more effective beauty treatment.

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