What Are Retinoids? Come See What They Can Do For Your Skin!

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Written By Jennifer Raskin / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

There’s so much buzz in skincare about retinoids. Contrary to popular belief though, they aren’t just for aging skin. Retinoids have a solid reputation that has been built since the 1970s. They come from chemical compounds derived from vitamin A.

These vitamin A-related compounds have some great benefits for skin that go beyond aging. Understanding how retinoids work can help you put them into your skincare regimen too.

How Retinoids Work for Skin

Retinoids promote skin cell renewal and boost your body’s natural ability to produce collagen. Over time as we age, that collagen production slows down, so putting retinoids to work in your skincare routine can benefit you with a younger appearance.

Retinoids can help correct fine lines and minor sun damage while preventing new wrinkles from forming. While the field of dermatology is a very busy one with new ingredients popping up at every turn, dermatologists have long held retinoids as an esteemed ingredient that truly works miracles for skin health.

Additionally, because retinoids are great for retexturing and smoothing skin, they work well for those with acne. It seems to be especially effective for those with moderate to severe acne as it can unclog pores, which allows special medicated creams and gels to get to work eliminating the bacteria that causes acne.

Retinoids can make breakouts a thing of the past by halting the vicious cycle of dead skin cells clogging up pores. When all is said and done, it can keep acne scars from forming too and get the skin back to a smooth, refined, and healthy texture.

Important Things to Note About Retinoids

With retinoids, it can take three months or longer to see visible changes in your skin. Patience is very important here though the marketing on your favorite products might have you believing otherwise. Don’t get discouraged as retinoids are scientifically-proven to be effective when they are used daily.

To help get the best results, you should use retinoids at night right after you cleanse. This allows the key actives in your formula to get into your skin’s deepest layers to maximize effectiveness. Feel free to add an additional moisturizer on top for more hydration.

Some may experience irritation with retinoids so start with a lower concentration and work your way up. You may benefit from using it several nights a week to start before you start using it every day. When in the sun during daylight hours, do take care to apply SPF moisturizers to protect your skin, which you should be doing anyway to save yourself from the ravages of sun damage.

When you start adding retinoids to your skincare, you will see results in due time. You don’t need to wait to be a certain age either. Dermatologists recommend you start in your late 20s to early 30s to keep your skin looking youthful and flawless in the coming years.

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