Treatments Your Dermatologist Might Recommend When You Worry About Aging Skin

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Written By Anita Ginsburg / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Having to deal with aging skin is a normal part of growing older each year. You may be suffering from sun damage, sagging jowls, old acne scars or new wrinkles that seem to keep getting deeper. When you talk with a dermatologist, they’ll likely give you a variety of recommended skin treatment options.

Chemical Peels

Many skin rejuvenation treatments can utilize different chemicals to heal scars and damage caused by injuries or improper care in the past. A chemical peel exfoliates the epidermis, removing particulates, dirt, and germs from the pores. This leads to smoother skin, with fewer age spots, blemishes, and pesky wrinkles.

This form of treatment often takes a few weeks to start showing promising results.

Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing could be the best option for you if you want to stimulate collagen growth that will continue to benefit the skin after treatment. Laser resurfacing uses light and heat to remove the outer layer of skin and then safely heat the underlying tissue.

This skin rejuvenation treatment doesn't cause unnecessary or uncomfortable damage to the surrounding skin, so it’s a good choice for those who want to address sensitive areas of the body. You'll experience a recovery time that can take up to a few weeks depending on the type of laser treatment used.


Dermabrasion is like other exfoliating skin rejuvenation treatments that work to remove the outer skin layer with a rotating tool. This treatment works deep in the tissues and requires light anesthesia before treatment.

Only a professional dermatologist can perform dermabrasion and will often recommend outpatient procedures or recommended care activities to help with healing and recovery. You could benefit from this treatment if you're struggling with acne scars, sunspots, fine lines or wrinkles or an inconsistent skin tone.

Ultherapy Skin Tightening

Another great option is Ultherapy, which firms and lifts the skin - you can think of it as a nonsurgical facelift. This treatment is noninvasive and uses sound waves to deeply penetrate the skin. The muscles below are encouraged to contract, creating skin that is tight and without wrinkles.

You can ask about this treatment if you want to work on your eyebrows, chin, neck, or any other facial areas.

Skin rejuvenation treatments might be ideal for you if you're struggling with your confidence or self-image. Dermatologists are trained professionals who can help you rejuvenate your skin with painless procedures that create lasting results. Every adult can improve their skin by considering professional skin treatments.

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