Tarragon Oil: What Does it Help?

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Many people are familiar with the herb tarragon, as they've at least heard of it once or twice in their life. But for those who aren't too familiar with their kitchen or don't cook much, they may not know exactly what it is. Tarragon is a herb that comes from the sunflower family. It is used in both medicinal and culinary spaces quite effectively.

The distillation that happens for tarragon oil to come to be essentially turns the herb into a colorless oil that has a distinct smell. It is incredibly powerful and can be used for a whole host of issues that one may be facing at any given time. Here are the ways that tarragon oil can be helpful.

Increasing Circulation

If you have issues with your circulatory system, this oil is definitely one that you should check out. That is because it naturally helps to better circulate the blood in your body. Sometimes those who deal with circulatory issues find that their hands, feet or other limbs feel abnormally cold or numb. Sometimes they tingle.

Using this oil as a massage oil is a great way to get your circulation back to where it needs to be. Try adding a couple of drops into sweet almond oil or jojoba oil and massage it over various parts of your body. Make sure to pay close attention to the parts of your body that give you the most trouble.

Digestive Issues

We've all been there, where we just eat the wrong thing or too much of something and our tummy just won't let us be. This can manifest itself as gas, indigestion, cramping or even nausea. These symptoms are so uncomfortable to deal with, especially if they are chronic and happen often.

A bit of tarragon oil will definitely help to ease them. You can use the oil in your bath water. Sit in a nice warm bath and wait for the discomfort to go away. Or you can make a warm compress that you can put directly on your abdomen. The oil will seep into your skin and start providing you with the necessary relief from those terrible symptoms.


Whether you bit down on something incorrectly or you haven't been taking care of your mouth the way that you should, tarragon oil is great to add to a salt water gargle to provide you with the necessary relief you need. Toothaches can be so painful and if you don't take care of your teeth or the problem tooth itself when it becomes apparent, more harm may be done.

Due to the antibacterial components of this oil, it makes for a great aid to help clean the mouth and get rid of any type of bacteria that may be hazardous to your teeth or gums.


You can even use this oil as a way to deodorize laundry rooms or gym bags. Just a little bit of the oil, mixed with sandalwood or lemon will have your more smelly rooms, giving off a much more pleasant aroma. Just a couple of drops will do the trick, as this oil does smell strongly if you use too much.

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