Why Tangerine Essential Oil Rocks

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Tangerine essential oil is very effective despite it being the lesser known of the citrus oils. The oil is typically cold pressed from the rind of the fruit instead of the pulp itself as the rind has more nutrients. There are many ways that tangerine oil can be beneficial and helpful to those who are struggling with certain health issues or ailments.

The fruit is native to China but can now be found all over the world. The powerful nutrients present in the fruit are beta pinene, camphene, alpha pinene, gamma terpinolene, linalool, nerol and limonene. Here are some specific ways that you can use the oil.

To Clean Wounds

Its high antiseptic content makes this oil great for the topical treatment of cuts and wounds. Germs can grow and fester on cuts that aren't properly cleaned and maintained. This can lead to many issues and can further create problems from something so simple and harmless as a knick or scratch.

Cleaning the wound is necessary. This oil can also reduce the swelling and redness that often accompany wounds as well.

Skin Regeneration

Due to its cytophylactic properties, which ultimately stimulate cell growth and generation of the skin, this is a great oil to use for anti-aging purposes. One of the reasons that aging can occur so rapidly is because older skin cells get damaged and start to make you look old or tired. Tangerine oil provides your skin with some much needed rejuvenation and will help you to look younger.


In the same way that it helps with anti aging, it can also be a great thing to incorporate into your skin care if you are looking to get rid of breakouts and blemishes. It's best to use it as a spot treatment. Let it set and then rinse it off before going out into the sun. Due to the photosensitivity in many citric oils, direct sunlight should not make contact with the oil while it's on your skin.

Anxiety Relief

If you are someone that deals with worry or panic, or if you sometimes feel a general unease about specific issues or daily responsibilities, you could definitely use something that will quell your anxiety. This oil can do just that. It has great therapeutic properties as it can calm down the mind and take some of the stress off of the nervous system, which is highly affected by anxiety.

Whether you prefer to diffuse it or inhale it directly from your hands, your brain will begin to react to the sedative properties in the oil.

Digestive Aid

If you sometimes struggle with stomach issues or don't feel that your digestive system is operating the way that it should be, this oil will help to maintain the proper level of acid that your gut requires to work exactly as it should. This will help your stomach tremendously. Just rub a couple of drops on your tummy and any bloating, cramping or constipation that you may be suffering from will evaporate.

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