Skincare Tips To Get You Through A Dry, Harsh Winter

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Written By Finnegan Pierson / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Wintertime is a beautiful season, filled with joy, stunning scenes and blankets of pristine snow. While this season is sure to take your breath away, it can also take a toll on your skin. The cold weather and harshness of winter can throw your skin into chaos and leave you with cracks, flaws and discomfort.

While you cannot change the temperature, there are things that you can do to help your skin survive the harshness of winter. Here are useful tips that can help you have healthier, more vibrant skin all winter long.

Assess Your Makeup To Get Through A Dry, Harsh Winter

You may not realize that many cosmetics contain drying agents that can deplete your skin of its key hydration. This becomes even more critical as the temperature drops and the air turns drier.

While you can cut out cosmetics, if you want to look stunning all season long, you can swap out your products. You can still achieve an eye-catching, stunning result with cosmetics pressed powder, hydrating eye makeup and less harsh lip color. The right options can leave your skin radiant.

Get A Gentle Cleanser To Get Through A Dry, Harsh Winter

Another aspect of your skincare routine that you should reevaluate is your cleansing routine. Many cleansers include harsh ingredients that strip your face of its natural oils to help clear away dirt, grime and anything unpleasant. When you combine cold weather and dry air with an intense cleansing agent, this is the perfect equation for dryness.

You can still achieve clear, clean skin if you swap in a more gentle cleanser. You should always choose an option that suits your skin type and needs, but keep in mind that you may not need such a harsh option when cleaning your face, especially as the weather turns cold.

Apply Sunscreen To Get Through A Dry, Harsh Winter

The winter months can be deceiving. While the weather is colder, the sun’s rays still have the same ability to scorch and damage your skin. One mistake that many makeup wearers make is lacking sun protection. Whether you choose products that also have sunscreen built-in or you apply a coat of sunscreen during your daily routine, make sure sun protection is a part of it.

Don’t Expose Your Skin To Get Through A Dry, Harsh Winter

One of the key triggers to dryness is exposure to the harsh impact of nature’s elements. If you want to protect your skin, make sure that you cover up this season. Areas like your hands, face and neck can be particularly prone to sun damage and drying from the cold air, so make sure that you always have gloves, a scarf, hat and layers. This can help avoid the excessive dehydrating effect of winter weather.

Lower Your Shower Temperature To Get Through A Dry, Harsh Winter

After a cold day, it can feel soothing to take a long, hot shower; however, this can be counterproductive. While this may seem counterintuitive, turn the shower temperature down. A warm shower can leave you feeling relaxed, clean and warm without drying out your skin, so opt for a cooler temperature instead of cranking the hot water up.

Moisturize Consistently to Get Through A Dry, Harsh Winter

During the colder months, you must take time to moisturize. You should always choose one that directly addresses the concerns of your skin; however, you may want to opt for a heavier option as the weather turns cold.

While a heavier cream may not be necessary during the warmer months, during the winter you will rely heavily on moisturizer. If your skin is struggling or you just want to invest in some self-care, add a face mask to your routine for some additional moisture.

Hydrate Often to Get Through A Dry, Harsh Winter

Not all of your moisturizing should be focused externally. You must focus your attention on your insides if you want to have radiant skin this season. Make sure that you are consuming enough water and supplement this with hydration-rich foods like fruits, vegetables and greens. As you hydrate, try avoiding options that can leave you depleted like caffeine, alcohol and excess sugar.

Achieving radiant and healthy skin this season is within your grasp. While the weather’s harsh effects will likely have an impact on your skin, you can help your skin survive the winter weather by making these key changes to your skincare routine.

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