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There are various oils that can help aid skin with a number of troubles that it often battles. The skin is so important as it acts as a protectant for our entire body. Sometimes we don't give our skin the necessary attention and protection that it deserves - opting for one specific item that can directly deal with different issues that commonly occur with the skin.

Perilla oil is part of the mint family and is indigenous to Eastern Asia. It has many different properties that make it effective on skin. It's a high source of omega 3 fatty acids which has amazing benefits for the skin. Here are all the many ways that this oil may just be the one your skin has been waiting for.

Troubling Skin Types

Sometimes skin type isn't easy to classify. Some people don't have one specific type of skin, whether that be normal, oily or dry. Many deal with sensitive or combination skin and some have to battle with oily skin during the summer and during the winter. So their skin changes depending on climate.

Perilla oil is perfect for those people because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities. The amount of Linoleic acid that is present in the oil makes it a terrific choice for skin types that are a bit hard to handle.


Most people are interested in how to treat their skin in a specific way that will stop the appearance of aging. Sagging skin, lines and wrinkles are not something that we want to see on our faces. While age is a gift and a blessing that comes with experience and maturity, looking your age isn't something that we often aspire to - especially as we get older.

Because of the omega 3s present in the oil, signs of aging are diminished. This is because the fatty acids help to repair and soothe the appearance of pesky laugh lines and loose skin.

Great Moisturizer

There are many oils that are a bit too thick and gooey to be used as an effective moisturizer on skin, but this oil is not one of them. The perilla seed oil is a fine, thin oil that is also incredibly dry from an oil standpoint. This means that it easily and quickly absorbs into the skin. It leaves it moisturized and protected from drying elements without making your face appear oily and greasy.

It is ideal for skin that is naturally oily. Some people with oily skin don't realize how essential it is to keep their skin properly moisturized. The oil that is produced on the skin, sebum, can be worsened and cause more oil production when skin isn't properly moisturized.

The oil is also great for acne scars, inflammation or any other type of allergic reaction you may have. Keep some on hand and watch how dramatically it can change your skin.

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