Pracaxi Seed Oil And The Skin

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An oil that is indigenous to Brazil is one of the best kept skin secrets. Not only is it restorative and impressive, it is one of the most important, cost effective products that can be used on the skin. The pracaxi seed grows in various places throughout the northern part of Brazil and tends to be harvested during the first part of the calendar year.

Due to the fact that it is so rich in behenic acid, it is incredibly beneficial for those lines and wrinkles on the face. Here are some other ways pracaxi seed oil is tremendously good for the skin.


There are several different issues that the skin can encounter. Unfortunately, sometimes a number of those issues happen all at once and you're left trying to figure out which issue you should address first. Many people suffer from specific discoloration on the face, whether it be from acne scarring, hyper-pigmentation or just general skin unevenness.

Thankfully, pracaxi oil has been known to easily align the skin back to a specific place that makes it look more even. Just a couple of drops of this oil added into your daily cleanser will do the trick. You can also add it to any type of face masks you may use to lighten your dark spots. Add a drop or two to the mask and you're good to go.


The anti-fungal and antibacterial properties which are inherent in this oil do a really good job at soothing and even healing eczema rashes and breakouts. Sometimes eczema can be worsened and ignited by a number of factors like stress and diet.

When you experience a flare up of eczema try treating it with a bit of pracaxi oil. It has very powerful healing properties. Brazilians would use the bark of the stem on reptile bites from scorpions and snakes. Try using a bit of the oil mixed with coconut oil or jojoba oil and treat all of your troublesome eczema patches that are causing you grief.


In order to ensure you keep your skin as healthy as it is meant to be, it's important that it is moisturized on a daily basis. This goes for those who tend to have oily skin as well. Some people think that if they suffer from too much oil, they shouldn't hydrate their skin for fear that it will only further worsen their issue.

Many times oily skin is actually a sign of the lack of moisture your skin actually requires to flourish in its natural state.

The production of sebum oil is what happens to your skin when your skin is imbalanced. If you suffer from excess oil, you likely suffer from things like acne and bigger pores. Pracaxi seed oil can help this issue as it has deeply restorative moisturizing properties. Keeping your skin properly hydrated is of the utmost importance and having a great moisturizer on hand is essential.

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