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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Marula oil is created from the nut of the marula tree found in Africa. It is easily available and can be extracted with a cold press method to gather the oil which can then be used in many products and mixed with other ingredients and oils to make it safe for use for most people.

Some of the benefits include heart health, slowing hair loss, slowing the signs of aging, treating chronic health issues, calming inflammation, and reducing age spots and blemishes. As the benefits to skin are several, it can be found in many skin and haircare products.

Fighting skin damage with marula oil

Marula tree oil can be added to food, skincare, and hair care products. Full of vitamin C, flavonoids, and other antioxidants, it is popular for fighting skin damage and helping skin remain young and healthy in appearance.

Vitamin C and marula oil

The high levels of vitamin C help the skin create new cells and repair damaged ones. It is a necessary ingredient not only for the health of the skin but also the health of the body in general, fighting cold symptoms and supporting healthy teeth.

As vitamin C protects the skin against damage from the environment and the sun it can be used to reclaim the health of the skin and maintain skin health.

Antioxidants and marula oil

Antioxidants are necessary to fight damage caused by free radicals and protect against environmental risks. They reduce the damage that occurs to skin from the sun, burns, and free radicals that are damaging and killing healthy skin cells.

Antioxidants fight back against this damage and help the skin repair itself. This reduces wrinkles, slows the appearance of fine lines on the skin, treats age spots and can balance skin tone reducing both age and sun spots to allow skin to appear healthy and undamaged.

Preventing acne with marula oil

When used to prevent acne marula oil uses its concentration of linoleic acid to clear the pores and skin of oil buildup. As the pores are cleaned of oil and germs, the buildup within pores that cause the inflammation and appearance of blemishes doesn’t occur, leaving skin healthy, clean and clear.

Using this oil regularly can prevent buildup from occurring and keep breakouts from happening. The anti-inflammatory property also reduces redness, infections, and puffiness around the eyes.

Marula oil is popular in skin care due to its makeup that fights inflammation, clears pores, and protects against environmental damage. By slowing the signs of aging and removing the cause of blemishes and acne breakouts it helps the skin stay clean, healthy, and even in appearance.

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