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A number of the oils that we take such joy in introducing to you are ones that you may not otherwise learn about. This is likely one of them. Elecampane is a plant that is sometimes called the wild sunflower because it has a very wiry and bright appearance.

Historically, it was used in tea for the myriad of health benefits that can be attributed to this plant. In oil form, it's even more diverse and can be used a whole host of ways.

Native to Europe, this plant actually is quite widespread currently, which is the result of the extensive research that was done in the 1800s. Interestingly enough, many doctors highly regard this oil and will prescribe it to their patients for a number of issues.

Respiratory Issues

Whether its asthma or seasonal allergies, dealing with trouble taking deep breaths and getting oxygen can be exhausting. This oil is great to relieve anything from mucus build-up to easing the swelling that tends to happen around the lungs when one suffers from bronchitis.

Due to the antiseptic and antibacterial properties, this is a great oil to use to soothe your respiratory organs and improve the way that they function. Just breathing in this oil is helpful in that regard.

Supports Immune System

The immune system is what helps to regulate our propensity to get sick or stay sick for long periods of time. The antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of this plant help to bolster and strengthen the immune system. This helps to provide a hard-to-penetrate barrier and layer that protects the body from harmful invasions by bacteria, viruses or other threats.

Just try diffusing this oil in a room that you spend at least a couple of hours in. It can work both externally and internally to help rid the body of toxins and germs.

Aids Hormonal Balance

The balance of hormones is incredibly vital to a healthy and sustainable existence. There are countless things that can throw off the balance of hormones. Those who suffer from autoimmune conditions often have issues with regulating their hormones.

This can lead to problems with metabolism and weight gain. It's important to deal with these issues directly as those two issues can actually cause additional health concerns. Elecampane stimulates hormonal balance so it helps your hormone secretion come into alignment. This helps the oxygenation of the body as well as increases blood flow.

Dental Health

Due to its strong antiseptic qualities, elecampane can be found in certain oral health products. This is because the mouth can be one of the most bacteria-invested areas of the body. Because of this, it is at risk for issues that negatively affect the teeth, gums or breath.

A great way to circumvent this issue is to rub some elecampane oil onto your gums. You can even mix a bit with water and use it as a rinse for your mouth. Its ability to kill germs is quite impressive and will leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh, alongside your other oral care practices.

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