Is Yogurt Good For Skin?

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Yogurt is well known as a healthy addition to your diet and ability to help boost the immune system and balance the digestive system with probiotics. It is also great for hair, skin, and nails and can be applied to the skin to help fight acne and wrinkles, reduce dry skin and sun damage, and heal dry, cracked skin.

Yogurt is safe to apply to the skin with little risk of reaction or irritation unless allergies are present. It can be used daily as needed. For maximum benefit, you can apply directly to the skin either alone or with a carrier product. It can be left on acne spots overnight and rinsed off with the morning self-care routine. Its antibacterial properties rid the skin of any bacteria that may cause acne or infections, and its anti-inflammatory properties reduce the signs of aging and skin conditions such as eczema. It can be applied on each acne spot and for a wider coverage it may be applied to the entire face or hands. The astringent aspect will tighten and close pores, reducing the likelihood of further breakouts.

The gentle exfoliation provided by applying yogurt removes dead skin cells leaving room for the healthy to grow. Lactic acid found in yogurt creates an antibacterial that clears out any build-up of bacteria, leading to healthy skin that is neither dry nor itchy. This action also decreases marks on the skin. By removing damaged cells it assists with even coloration and the reduction of scars and blemishes to leave skin even and healthy. The removal of damaged cells creates space for new cells to grow and take their place, which creates a healthy appearance and lowers the signs of aging, sun damage, and dry skin.

Foot Soak For Dry, Cracked Skin

When used as a foot soak it can help to heal dry and cracked skin. Simply use a pumice to remove the dry skin and damaged layers after soaking and moisturize. Yogurt applied to the hands will exfoliate the dead cells while treating the dry cells, and decrease inflammation around nails and remove hang nails while encouraging the repair of the nail bed. As a moisturizer it can help to build the barrier that holds hydration in the skin, which helps to avoid cracked heels.

Yogurt can be used for many purposes to help with healthy skin. It not only has antibacterial properties to remove build-up and bacteria that cause acne, but also soothes dry and itchy skin with lactic acid and removes dead and damaged skin cells with its exfoliating abilities. This creates a clean slate for skin to grow back healthy, and the antioxidants encourage the damaged cells to repair themselves or for new cells to take their place.

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