Idaho Tansy Essential Oil And Its Benefits

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The Idaho tansy has a very pungent odor that's reminiscent of the popular candy licorice with a few notes of spice layered in. The smell alone has positive effects on those who choose to use it for aromatherapy purposes.

It also has many other vital properties such as anti viral, antibacterial and anti infectious that make it a go to oil in specific situations that call for these powerful aspects. When it comes to the type of oils that we choose to use, it's best if we pick oils that can naturally target a plethora of issues and can be used in multiple ways. Here is how Idaho tansy oil is best used.

Insect Repellent

Although this oil has a pleasant scent to many, it is much too strong for insects to stand. This fact, along with the anti viral proponents, make it a great oil to keep those pesky bugs and critters at bay. It can be used as a repellent around the house and also can be used on the body to keep mosquitoes and other bugs from biting you.

Just a couple of drops of the oil put in a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol or witch hazel will do the trick. You can also mix the oil with lemongrass or lavender to change up the scents. Spray it at your baseboards and around your home to keep bugs out.

Remove Sunspots

Many people who suffer from sunspots and darkness on specific parts of their skin find these issues unsightly and would like to get rid of them. With this oil, which is incredibly soothing and beneficial for skin, you can effectively remove dark spots on your skin.

Just take a couple of drops of this oil and mix it with a light oil such as almond or jojoba. Treat your darkened sunspots twice a day with this mixture. You will start to see a gradual change in the spots after about a week of doing this.

Helps Allergies

This means that the oil is a great way to combat the allergies that so many people suffer from on a continual basis. Whether you have strong coughs, breathing troubles, itchiness, or constant sneezing, just inhaling the aroma of this oil can help your allergies subside.

The antihistamine properties will help to target the histamine that causes those troublesome allergic reactions. You can simply dab a couple of drops under your nose and breathe as deeply as you can. Or even rub some on your itchy skin that is reacting poorly to whatever it is allergic to.

Fever Reducer

Dealing with a fever can be a real inconvenience, because not only do you feel poorly but you also don't want to be contagious to others. This oil has the ability to lower your body temperature which tends to be much higher when you are ill.

This helps you to relieve fever symptoms and will contribute to the fever subsiding much sooner than it would have without the use of this oil. For this effect, put a couple of drops in your bath water.

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