How To Winterize Your Hand And Nail Care Routine

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Written By Helen Bradford / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Winters can be very harsh and they can affect every part of our body. They especially are hard on our skin and of course, nails. It's a challenge to keep our nails healthy and strong during the winter. Cold weather can cause our nails to be dry, brittle and prone to breakage. It's important to change our routine to a more winter-appropriate one to keep our nails as strong and pretty as possible. Keep on reading to find out how to winterize your hand and nail routine.

Drink Water

We all need water but sometimes we forget to drink enough of it. Caring about your looks and body starts from within, so drinking enough water will ensure our healthiness. Water helps to purify our skin, hydrate organs and every part of our body. This means that if our body is dehydrated, our nails become weak and are prone to breaking. Your skin can become dry and itchy, so drink enough water to prevent unwanted dryness and breakage. Including enough nutrients from food is also very important for overall health.


During the winter, our hands and face are always exposed to harsh conditions of weather. To minimize the effect the cold has on your skin and nails, moisturizing is extremely important. Dry skin and nails need moisture, so choose a moisturizer with urea, glycine or lanolin. These are ingredients that will lock in moisture and keep skin and nails healthy. Avoid creams with the first ingredient as water, as they soak up quickly and don't leave you with any protection. Using oils like coconut oil is a great natural way to add some moisture to your skin.

Wear Gloves

Gloves are essential for winter, especially if you live in very harsh climates. They are fashionable, and also keep your skin and nails protected from the cold weather. Gloves keep you warm, they look good, and they protect. Besides outside gloves, gloves should be used when doing house chores, like washing the dishes. Washing liquid contains a high amount of alcohol that will instantly dry up your nails and skin, making them prone to breaking. Avoid washing your hands with extremely high-temperature water, as this will irritate and break your skin. Apply skin cream or oil after every hand wash.

Treat Yourself

Winter is perfect for pampering. Give your nails and hands a nourishing sugar scrub‚ followed by a moisturizing soak and a manicure. Doing this regularly will keep your hands and nails in perfect condition, and not allow them to become dry and unkempt. Good looking and healthy nails are a perfect accessory to any outfit, even though they seem like a very small detail. Massaging your hand will keep the blood flowing, and will help any cream or oil to work as best as possible.

Be Gentle

We have all used our nails as a tool at least once, but that is very harmful to them. You can break your nails completely or hurt them, and they will need a long time to recover and grow out. Try doing acrylic and gel manicures as seldom as possible, to avoid breakage and weak nails. After only one gel manicure, most nails need months to completely recover. Never peel the acrylic or gel by yourself, because you are also actually peeling layers of your nails. Try to not dig under your nails, because this can separate the nail plate from the bed.

Nail Polish

Most nail lovers like having nail polish or even gels, but it's best to take a break from them in the winter. It's important to let your nails breathe and take a break from wearing nail polish. There are many chemicals in nail polish that can weaken your nails. But if you can't resist your love for color, using quality natural nail polish is a better solution. They don't have harmful chemicals and will be much gentler towards your nails, not leaving them dry and broken.

Nail Products

There are many nail products on the market, and sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right ones. We all want strong and long nails, but you need proper care and patience. Instead of using metal or sandpaper-like nail files, use glass or crystal ones. They don't break or peel your nails but do a great job. Nail polish removers are very strong and an enemy to healthy nails. Use acetone-free ones that contain oils to reduce the harm done to your nails. Don't dig under your nails to clean them, but use a nail brush to remove any dirt.

Having nice and healthy nails is a small thing you can do to amp up your appearance. They will make you presentable, especially if you are working where people can see your hands. Remember to keep them warm, moisturized and drink enough water to have nice nails even in the cold winter months.

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