How Does Vitamin A Help Skin?

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Vitamin A has several roles to play in the health of the body and skin. Most noticeable are its affects on wrinkles, collagen production, fighting UV damage, clearing pores, exfoliating the skin, and encouraging new cell production that boost an even skin tone and small wound healing. This vitamin can be consumed or applied to the skin in a diluted concentration that is safe for most people, except where allergies occur.

Wrinkles and vitamin A

Wrinkles appear when collagen and the elastin are reduced. As skin ages it produces less collagen; wrinkles form where the skin stretches and is unable to rebound to its original position. Vitamin A helps replace the collagen within the skin and boost the creation of elastin, both of which help the skin to retain elasticity and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

For the most effective use in skincare, apply vitamin A directly to the skin through a moisturizer or serum. When used daily results show up within a few weeks.

The sun and vitamin A

The sun and its UV rays cause damage to the skin through overexposure. These rays can increase the coloration in some areas of the skin, creating sun spots and freckles, but also sunburn and lasting damage to the skin layers. Vitamin A protects against this damage by repairing cells that have become damaged and help them remain their natural color rather than darkening.

It also boosts the speed of sunburn healing and other minor wounds by increasing the growth of new cells. As new skin cells are created to replace the damaged ones, skin remains healthy and young in appearance.

Acne and vitamin A

In the fight against acne and other blemishes, this vitamin helps exfoliate dead skin cells that gather and the bacteria that help clog pores. When the pores remain clear, no clogs form, oil and bacteria do not buildup, and acne does not form. It also reduces inflammation that forms around clogs and causes them to appear larger then they normally are, leading to blemishes and other breakouts.

Blood vessels and vitamin A

Studies have shown that vitamin A also boosts the growth of new blood vessels, which help carry necessary nutrients to the skin and other areas of the body. This allows them to remain healthy and grow new cells as damaged or dead cells are removed. Increased blood vessels increase the blood flow and circulation creating a healthy skin color while repairing injuries and helping heal cells and skin.

Vitamin A has many roles in body and skin health and these are all available through topical application. For skin it is best to apply the vitamin with a carrier or skincare product directly on the skin so it works quickly and efficiently to boost the growth of healthy cells and protect against damage caused by aging and the environment.

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