Healing Properties Of Santalum Album

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Many people are familiar with this essential oil based on the smell alone. The small, tropical plant santalum album is otherwise known as Indian sandalwood and it has a very distinct aroma. It has been historically traded and processed throughout the historical landscape of ancient medicine and for aromatherapy purposes.

It is still considered a very valuable and effective essential oil in its present form as a remedy for many different issues and ailments. Here are its most famed uses, specifically dealing with skin.

Cleans And Brightens Complexion

Though everyone's skin is different, this oil is highly effective in giving the skin a luminous look and feel after use. It's also a great oil to help clean the skin and rid it of impurities and dirt that lead to skin problems like acne and build up. It is naturally cicatrizant and does a great job soothing the skin, which is crucial for those who suffer from sensitive skin and need something that won't irritate their face.

If you have issues with acne, this is a great oil to use because it naturally tackles the germs that so often causes breakouts. It's also good for those scars that acne often leaves behind.

Helps With Itching

If you have a chronic skin condition like eczema or psoriasis, you know how painful and uncomfortable your skin can get. Whether it's the dryness that you battle with or the itchiness, it can be a very irritating condition. Indian sandalwood is perfect for these issues because of its naturally cooling effects.

This oil can also be used to get rid of infections easily. Try mixing a couple of drops of sandalwood oil with some coconut oil and massaging it into any skin that is showing breakouts.


People are always searching for that perfect product to reverse the signs of aging. Looking old, or even looking your age, can sometimes be undesirable. Youthful, supple skin is the goal for so many. As such, essential oils are often the unsung, overlooked heroes that the highly competitive, profit driven skincare industry doesn't want you to know about.

Mainly because essential oils work better and they're so much more affordable. Try adding a couple of drops of sandalwood to your favorite cleanser and watch how your skin transforms.

Helps Spasms

Stiff muscles or aches and pains in the joints can be caused by a myriad of factors. Sandalwood oil is a muscle relaxant and a sedative that helps to loosen the tension that tends to accumulate in muscles and joints. It eases the muscle fibers, blood vessels and the nerves that cause severe spasms and can sometimes be incredibly painful.

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